Apple TV gets a new competitor from Sony with the PS Vita TV

Apple TV gets another competitor in the set-top box space today, as Sony has announced the PS Vita TV at an event in Japan. Where the Apple TV is content focused however, the PS Vita TV stays true to the roots of the name; gaming. Essentially, Sony has released a $100 box that will play PS Vita games, and hook into the Music and Video Unlimited services, along with some other proprietary content. It's set to launch – in Japan at least – on November 14.

The PS Vita TV also provides access to services such as Twitter and Hulu through your TV, and the hardware contains all the necessary bells and whistles including HDMI, USB and Ethernet, alongside slots for physical PS Vita memory cards and a slot to insert PS Vita games. Perhaps more exciting is the remote play functionality, that allows the PS Vita TV to hook into a PlayStation 4 and act as a secondary terminal to play games away from the main console with a PlayStation controller.

So, it's similar and yet so very different to the Apple TV we know and love. What Sony is offering, however, implements something many of us would love to see brought to the Apple TV; gaming. We can AirPlay games from our iOS devices to play on the big screen, but it's not the same as playing on device, using a hardware controller, and having that traditional gaming experience.

So, it seems the battle for the TV continues. Apple is continually improving the Apple TV offering, and there may be a software update dropping for it sometime very soon. But, Sony may have the best alternative solution on their hands with the PS Vita TV. Only time will tell, but competition is always welcome.

What do you guys think of the PS Vita TV? Does the gaming side of it attract you more than the more content focused approach that Apple has taken? Or are you happier with more content less gaming? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Engadget

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Reader comments

Apple TV gets a new competitor from Sony with the PS Vita TV


I would pick this up if I were still in the PS ecosystem. Since I haven't been since shortly after the PS2 launch, little here to entice me away from the Xbox for console and iOS for mobile.

I love the competition, though, and think we ultimately all benefit.

At the same time, my first point, ecosystem, is something to watch. If an ecosystem provider decides to stand still because they feel no one will leave, we are in trouble.

I think if Apple could push content to more countries, then that would be great. For example here in Saudi not all music and movies are offered and we get no tv shows. If you tie in people globally to the Eco system them that will have the most benefit. I think iMore should have a look at iTunes outside the big markets and do an article on that

Damn that is a deal breaker right there.
Playing PS4 games in any room with a AirPlay type setup
that is sweet.
I wish Apple would buy Sony.
My two favorite companies...

you're so right richard, but then so has everyone else been who's ever written an article on the apple tv being perfectly placed as a streaming games device/service for all those games you've ever purchased through the app store for your mac using icloud eg online et al. gotta raise the question, why the hell arn't apple doing this, its there, its an opportunity. c'mon apple.

meanwhile a possible pick of the week for you, if you haven't covered it before, onlive are doing access to ms office on iPad for free, see link below. but i haven't had the opportunity to try it yet, being in the UK and i think this restricted to the U.S. for now.

Well played Sony. It seems they've cracked the gaming thing again. Gaming everywhere is on the run and Sony if going into right direction. I wish there would be any compatibility with PS3 and DLNA. This thing also doesn't play 1080p yet

I agree.
I only wish it wasn't so tough to get to your iTunes library.
Playback works well with my PS3.
I am wet for the PS4, just not completely sold on the "NEXT GEN" games.
"Tom Clancy's The Division" and "Titan Fall" are the ONLY two games that I have seen that WOW me. However BF4 with Commander mode looks sweet,yet not jumping for the graphics. Still look PS3.

Apple has never been big on games. The one area they should have hit, but most game devs, the big one's, Bunige, EA, etc..., never want to port. They're starting, but they should be a big name player by now with gaming and on so much on the iOS.

Sounds pretty sweet. I want more info on this thing, but based solely on this brief review... I WANT ONE!

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Good on Sony for coming out with this. They are totally prepared for the next gen battle and I think this time around victory goes to them. Kudos!

Anyone have part of the screen of this video cut off? About 20% of the right side is cut off on my ipad4.

The killer feature is the PS4 streaming to another TV. I could see this being very useful if you don't want to or can't be at the TV where the PS4 is set up. i'm definitely interested in this.

From what I have read, for TV, the Roku 3 is the king of the hill. It seems to have a lot more content availability.

Ps4 streaming to any room sounds like an amazing feature. Especially for family and friends use when the main console might be in a bedroom.

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I don't see the Apple TV and the PS Vita TV as competitors. Apple TV is mainly used for viewing content while the PS Vita TV is a gaming console first that lets us view some content. The Apple TV may have iOS streaming but I don't think people use it to play iOS games on their TV. Until the Apple TV can provide games directly instead from connecting a separate device, it's not really competing.