Apple Online Store adds new Apple TV section, but will there be a new Apple TV to sell?

Apple TV gets a place of its own in Apple's online store; are big changes in store?

Apple has added a new section to their online store all about the Apple TV. While other store sections have multiple models of Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods, the Apple TV has just one, so the area is mostly useful for finding accessories for your Apple TV. This could be coming in advance of a major update to the device — an Apple TV 4 — according to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac:

We’re told that Apple has considered combining the Apple TV and AirPort Express products. Versions of the new Apple TV in testing are said to include an integrated 802.11ac wireless router. [...] We’re also told that the new Apple TV will likely feature a focus on gaming, and this lines up with a recent iLounge report. We’re led to believe that the game integration will utilize existing iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches as controllers. It’s likely that there, too, will be some integration with Apple’s physical controller MFi program.

Given the talent Apple has on the Apple TV team these days, there could certainly be something interesting coming. If software gets a big update, new hardware with a better processor and more storage might be needed to run it as well. We're tracking all the rumors on our Apple TV 4 super-page, and discussing them in our Apple TV 4 forum just jump in and let us know what you want to see!

Source: Apple, 9to5mac

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Reader comments

Apple Online Store adds new Apple TV section, but will there be a new Apple TV to sell?


This sounds exciting. I can't wait to see what Apple has planned for the Apple TV.

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I can imagine Phil Schiller on a horse, cape flowing behind, riding hard with a torch outreached in one hand screaming "The App Store is coming! The App Store is coming!"

If Apple follows their trend, a new Apple TV will still be $100, so what will they offer for that price?
Otherwise, maybe Apple will drop the price down to at least $50 for a new Apple TV so it can be a little more competitive with Google's Chromecast.

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No need to drop pricing to Chromecast levels. Apple TV hardware is superior (Ethernet, BT, A5 SoC etc). If they can shoehorn in an 11ac router performance will improve. HDMI pass thru would be ideal as well to minimize the amount of switching needed.

i agree, if they release an airplay dongle then you price that at the chromecast level. But the box is priced ok. The problem with the box is it's doesn't have the apps of roku, doesn't have the file support of the wdtv.

My wish list includes:

1) An App Store (Specifically a Plex App)
2) A RF Remote (or Bluetooth)

I couldn't care less about games

1) There is a Plex app for the iPhone and iPad that can AirPlay to the Apple TV.

2) There is a 'Remote' app made by Apple that achieves exactly what you want.

You're welcome! ;)

There are a few work arounds to get Plex on your ATV (i.e. Plexconnect) but what they are referring to here is the app on iPad/iPhone that would then be used with AirPlay to stream to ATV. While this works, it is not the same as having Plex on my ATV. That is one of the main things I would like.

I know about those solutions, but it just feels unnatural to me to control everything from my iPhone or ipad. Plus to be honest, if I am going to airplay everything I should save myself $65 and get a chromecast.

I feel the remote is something that is very difficult to be replaced. Having to constantly look down at my I-device and back up at the tv just seems like a clunky solution.

The problem is that then you're streaming data from your 'server' to the iPad, then streaming it to the Apple TV... and wifi is a must along that path. So, HDTV might be a problem. Plus, I agree with Stanski1, using the iPhone or iPad as a remote just doesn't feel right. I'd MUCH rather be able to just browse my media library on the Apple TV itself.

I use the regular remote for most stuff and use my phone or ipad for typing. Maybe not ideal but it works for me.

Yes, the regular remote works great, so long as you're only using the built-in services and functions. If you're trying to access your entire media library, then currently you have to 're-stream' stuff or hack it.

Allowing an app like Plex, would open a whole new world to the Apple TV... I'd guess they would sell like hot cakes (though, Apple might lose a bit of revenue they currently get by locking people into their services. I get that, but I think it would be an overall win for Apple.)

I should add, that just because I COULD access my whole library (which I can do via Beamer, just not as conveniently) wouldn't stop me from renting or buying a move from Apple on movie night, as I'd never be renting or buying something I already own anyway. The only people Apple would *maybe* lose by opening the Apple TV up a bit, are the crooks who don't buy movies anyway, and I doubt they currently buy them from Apple.

I can't wait to see what they announce! I'm in need of an Apple TV and have been holding out for months due to knowing an update is in the works and due out soon.

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hopefully they make it a FULLY featured, many codeced (sure it's a word), media streamer and not just a apple content delivery device & netflix player. However i'm not holding my breath because i don't think Apple envisions people like me with 2+TBs of movies that i want to stream from a computer.

I'm hoping the rumored NexusTV box ends up competing with the Roku & WDTV. I also hope there's a new WDTV soon.

It doesn't necessarily need to have more codecs (though I'm not against that). All it needs is to be able to run apps, and you can then connect to your media server app running elsewhere.

Wow! I really enjoy my Apple TV. I can't wait to see what's In store for the future . Thanks for the information on one of our favorite hobbies.

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re: "We’re told that Apple has considered combining the Apple TV and AirPort Express products."

Oh gosh, I hope so! At least the ability to create a direct wifi connection between the Apple TV and other devices, especially the iPad/iPhone. The Apple TV and iPad combo is perfect for giving presentations... except that you have to either bring along a wifi router or mess with signing both devices into the network where you go to give the presentation. That'a s MAJOR pain. If I could just hook the Apple TV to a projector and then directly stream stuff (like Keynote) from my iPad, I'd be in presenter heaven. :)

That would be very 'presenter friendly' indeed.
Keynote presentation on the Apple TV, notes on the iPad/iPhone in just a few taps: Yes please! :D

The direct WiFi connection would also benefit gaming latency and high resolution streaming (4K). In the case of gaming or Airplay from the iDevice/Macbook: without a separate Airport Express (or regular WiFi router) it seems the signal only has to go through the air once instead of twice.
It sounds like a reason to include the Airport Express in an Apple TV.
Or maybe some form of WiFi ad hoc mode doesn't require the extra hardware to be built in.

I'm excited about this!

They've already got that in their AirDrop protocol. Yes, it's for sending files, but integrate and adapt it for gaming/presenting, and you're set.

I'd read some other articles that said similar, so time ago. I kept hoping we'd just see it come with one of the software updates. Yea, I don't really need an AX in there, just a Bonjour style ad-hoc connection like we can do with Powerbooks already. Or, maybe if they added it to the iPad/iPhone, then the AX could connect to them. Either way, it would make the Apple TV way more attractive than it already is, outside of the entertainment cabinet.

They don't do cheap, I think they are more likely to give it iOS make it more money and go after some of the games console market, not Playstation or Xbox but perhaps Wii.

Yea, with a decent controller and so many kids (well, people in general) already on the platform, they could certainly go after the Wii and a whole segment of console and PC gaming who aren't into high-end games.... and that's probably the majority of people really.