Apple TV Software 6.0 update now available, adds iTunes Radio, Shared Photo Stream, more

Apple TV receives major software update, adds iTunes Radio, more

The Apple TV has received a major software update, adding several important new features, including iTunes Radio in the U.S., as well as the iTunes Music Store. iTunes Radio works like it does on iOS devices and desktop computers, allowing you to listen to listen either to the pre-existing stations or to those you make yourself.

One of the more appealing aspect of iTunes Radio, at least from the standpoint of the record labels, is that you can buy from iTunes Music Store the songs you stream through iTunes Radio, functioning on the Apple TV as it does on every other iOS device. Previously, you could only use your Apple TV to listen to your previously-purchased music.

There are other important changes with the new software, including AirPlay from iCloud. This allows you to stream your content through an Apple TV without being logged into your iTunes account. Using an iOS device, you can direct the Apple TV to stream your content from your Account. You can now view photos and videos that have been added to your iCloud shared photo stream. You can also now sync your podcasts across your Apple TV and iOS devices. This is especially useful if you subscibe to a lot of video podcasts through iTunes.

To download the update via the Apple TV, go into Settings > Update Software, and consent to the update.

Update: We're getting reports of the Apple TV 6.0 update bricking a number of Apple TV (2012/1080p). If you're not comfortable connecting your Apple TV to iTunes on Windows or Mac and restoring/updating manually, you might want to hold off.

Update 2: Apple TV 6.0 Software is no longer showing up. Looks like it might have been pulled. We'll keep updating as more information becomes available.

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Apple TV Software 6.0 update now available, adds iTunes Radio, Shared Photo Stream, more


You can elect to auto-update software in the future... there's a "conference room" mode in AirPlay... you can set-up/switch between multiple AppleIDs on the AppleTV... lots of cool stuff :)

Its about time, I hope that this fixes the auto for NetFlix issue. It would be nice if this also brought Disney Jr along with it. It makes no sense that the other Disney Channels are there yet there is no Disney Jr. Not to mention why is there not a Cnn Channel why do I have to use it through airplay, that makes no sense at all. OK I am done ranting time to go install this update and see what happens

The availability or non availability of content 'channels' is likely not Apple's problem - it's the content providers... there is no DisneyJr... probably because Disney won't provide it... CNN - same thing...

I would actually answer "yes"

Because it only syncs about half of mine. The other half then get bumped down to the bottom on my iPhone.

Sent from the iMore App

Second on the Disney Jr. That's all our daughter watches! My cable provider (Verizon FiOS) only has Disney Jr. in standard def. Probably bugs me more than our three-year-old though...

It would also be nice to get other networks that have iPhone and iPad apps like SHO, Encore, Epix, etc., but I'm not going to hold my breath on those.

I love iTunes Radio. found some awesome stations already! not sure if its available in canada or just because i use Unblock Us for netflix but its awesome!! i like that you can find a station or stations and just drag them and make a playlist of your favourite ones.

I wonder if Apple will ever allow Siri to interact with our Apple TV via our mobile iOS devices...
I wouldn't mind speaking into my phone and having the results of a search query pop up or even have her play our media for us... I'd love to turn on my TV and Apple TV and be able to tell Siri [via Apple's Remote app] play "The Avengers" and voila! My chosen movie or TV show or music begins playing - without having to drill down into menus and constant clicking "play".
That would be a great time saver as well as just all around awesome.

Sent from the iMore App

Pandora can really be off the mark, but when you pick an artist, you still get a lot of the artist. I played around with iRadio, and it played one song by my chosen artist, and that was it. It just started playing various songs of everybody else, but my chosen artist. It needs work.

Sent from the iMore App

Why can't we get iTunes Radio in canada I don't like this shit we can buy the same music on iTunes they have in the US

Sent from the iMore App

And there's not a lot of apps on Apple TV I think the Apple TV needs more I use my rocko a lot more than my Apple TV

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