Apple TV Software 6.0.1 released, seemingly minor update

Apple TV Software 6.0.1 released

Apple has released a minor update for the Apple TV. This latest update to Apple TV software version 6.0.1, comes just two days after Apple rolled out iMovie Theater for the device. As of yet, we're not seeing anything new, so it may just be a bug fix release.

To update your Apple TV manually, go to Settings > General > Software Updates, and hit Update Software. If you happen to notice anything new, be sure to drop us a line in the comments!

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justinkoehn says:

I haven't updated to this new release but I did see they added an automatic update option at some point. I'm a little reluctant to enable this given the failed/bricking updates in the past.

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iLuis23 says:

Funny that you mention that because I actually turned this feature on but when I click on "Update Software" a message comes up that says "Update was not successful. Try again later." Odd...

Derrick4Real says:

there was a post about "what do you want in an update?" I wonder how many of the things people mentioned were added. I'm guessing not many since this is like an Apple hobby. Love to see a list of additions just for my own education. When it comes time to trade up from my wdtv player i'll probably stick with those but it's nice to know what's offered by other products.