Apple tweaks App Store's Top Charts to show top 150 apps

Apple tweaks App Store's Top Charts to show to 150 apps

If you're browsing through the iTunes App Store today you may come across a subtle change in how many apps are actually listed in the Top Chart section. Previously, there was 300 apps listed in that area but Apple has now reduced the section to 150 as noted by Techcrunch and confirmed across all of our very own iOS devices.

It seems Apple has been making a few small changes within the App Store having started the process back on May 23rd. Previously we saw them adjust how apps that have been refunded or otherwise cancelled are handled and now the reduction of apps listed on the top charts has happened. No doubt, a part of some of the changes we'll see noted at this years WWDC.

Why the reduction? Well, one has to consider how often folks are actually scrolling that far down the list anyway and Apple surely has some statistics on that. If no one was making it that far down the list then it would make sense to clear that section up as part of the ongoing changes happening within the App Store.

Right now, it's only on the mobile version. Within iTunes itself, the listings appear to be unchanged which of course, also makes sense given there is much more display real estate on your Mac than what is on your iPhone.

In any case, it's an interesting change and hopefully they'll be making some more adjustments to improve overall app discovery as well. If you could, what would you change about the App Store on your device? What frustrates you about it and how can Apple make it better?

Via: TechCrunch

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Apple tweaks App Store's Top Charts to show top 150 apps


I'm kind of the opposite. The top 10 are like ads to me. They're always there and always will be so I just scroll below them to see what's new.

I'm disappointed by this as even though it may only be a small percentage of users, there are users who frequently scroll down a long way, or even who just enjoy browsing the App Store. This takes that away for them, and from a developers point of view- what if you're ranked somewhere between 150 & 300? That takes away from your discoverability and thus has a negative impact downloads, even if it is only a *few* people who scroll down that far.

If Apple are implementing this system in order to make it feel quicker to browse around the store on iOS, by reducing the apps which need to be loaded, they could at least give us an option to "load more apps", so that we can continue to scroll through that list if we choose.

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It always stopped at 200 for me. What I hate is when I'm searching for a specific app and all these other unrelated apps show up that has nothing to do with what I'm searching for. Apple needs to police what developers put in for search keywords.

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