Apple updates Final Cut Pro X with improved 4K support, optimizations for new Mac Pro

Besides making the new Mac Pro available to order today, Apple has also updated Final Cut Pro X to version 10.1, optimizing it for use with the new powerhouse's dual-GPU's for playback and rendering. And, since you might well be dealing with 4K video as well, video monitoring up to 4K is possible on supported Macs via Thunderbolt 2 or HDMI, and there's a bundle of 4K content like transitions, titles and generators.

The bump to 10.1 is actually a pretty massive update, with a pretty long and detailed changelog. It's not all about 4K and the new Mac Pro, so if you're a current owner or an interested new buyer, hit the Mac App Store at the link below and take a look.

Companion apps Motion and Compressor also got updated today, again with the big story being optimizations for the new Mac Pro and 4K video.

Richard Devine

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ralphtweety says:

sure hope there's an upgrade path for Final Cut 10.1.

Richard Devine says:

If you own Final Cut Pro X it's just an update...

ShameerMulji says:

Not necessarily. Media Management is a big overhaul on FCPX 10.1 so you have to be careful when you upgrade. Read here;

ralphtweety says:

My estimates were not too far off for the cost of the hardware and not surprised and pleasantly so that the Final Cut update is free. Two months ago I had already warned my handlers that I would be coming after them for about $10,000 per workstation for upgrade costs, turns out a fully tricked out Mac Pro is going to cost a little over 11,300 and that includes 8 terabytes of RAIDED external storage, thunderbolt-based. Add another $300-$500 for external bare-drive docks, again, thunderbolt-based, and we clock in around $11,700 per machine, not too bad and not too far off my original estimate of about $10,000 Per workstation. Not a bad way to end the week before Christmas.

asuperstarr says:

Wow! This is major for all those pro users. I'm sure this is a welcome update!

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ShameerMulji says:

If you are an FCPX user, then yes, this is a welcome upgrade.