Apple updates its ‘Why iPhone’ page with news of its ninth customer satisfaction award

Apple updates its ‘Why iPhone’ page with news of its ninth customer satisfaction awardLast week Apple sent out marketing emails informing its customers of reasons why they should buy the iPhone 5. Apple also launched a web page called “Why iPhone” which listed a host of features, one of which was touting the iPhone as the J.D. Power and Associates choice for customer satisfaction for a staggering eight years running. Well that page was quickly outdated earlier this week when we heard the iPhone had picked up the award for the ninth year running.

Apparently love can be measured. And it keeps adding up to iPhone. In nine straight studies by J.D. Power and Associates — that’s every study since the first iPhone was introduced — iPhone has been ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Smartphones.” iPhone ranked highest in the study, which reviewed the following categories: performance, physical design, features, and ease of operation.

Apple wasted no time updating its “Why iPhone" page with the news of its ninth award and to make it stand out even more, it made a point of just crossing out the eight with red pen and writing a nine next to it. This achievement should not be underestimated, the award is given for customer satisfaction across so many levels and to win the award every year since the iPhone launched is something rather special if you ask me!

Source: Apple

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Apple updates its ‘Why iPhone’ page with news of its ninth customer satisfaction award


The iPhone hasn't been out for nine years: how can they win that many times? Unless it's not actually an annual thing & you got it wrong =P

So this measure North American consumers only... and sure, why would they not be happy? IP is cheap in the US, has great features, and although the UI looks and feels old fashioned and is somehwat clumsy, it works well enough for most people. Internationally, IP is the most expesnive smartphone ever offered, yet the latest version has been stripped of the few new features Apple have actually made since 2010 -- Siri and Passbook and 4G. That is, Apple are scrwing up everyone who is a Yankee. So I guess they want to stick tothese North American polls in the future as well.

I hear iPhone market share share is dropping in Europe in particular. This is good news. People over there should not take it up the a** from Apple any more and maybe this is coming to pass now.

The iPhone is great for those getting a smart phone for the first time. My father who is pushing 70 and who has never had a computer got a smart phone (he is never at home anymore with his busy social life). For him, the iPhone was the perfect choice. The interface is simple ("old fashioned") and intuitive. He managed to figure it out fairly quickly. Looking at other phones with Android... he found these to be more "confusing". I can see how the iPhone appeals to the non-technical and uninitiated. Thus the high satisfaction rating.

I don't know about 9 years either but it does not shock me on the J.D.Power Award which is a benchmark on what the consumer thinks of the iPhone so kudos to Apple for this award again.

whenever I am at a apple store I always get such personal service and you could tell that apple employees really want to help you

Just got an email from apple about this too!
Although competition in the smartphone market is stronger than ever, apple still manages to come up with great products.
Now I just hope they put more focus into software this year!

I don't consider myself to be a slouch technically and I am still very satisfied with my iPhone. In my opinion, all others are just imitators.

The iphone is such a superior product to what is out there. Yes everything can be improved and customized to fit each users needs but to streamline the process and have it be accessible and usable to so many people makes it the superior product.

Whenever something goes wrong with my iPhone (from Verizon) I never go to Verizon. I always go to my local Apple Store. It is seriously worth it to simple walk up and talk to people who genuinely want to help me. Not only are they kind, but they are also sympathetic to my problems while being incredibly knowledgeable. I hate having to teach people who are supposed to me skilled in the matter and I'm not that knowledgeable compared to many people.

I am new to iPhone and was always a big Android fan. The best thing so far for me is the stability of the iPhone and iPad. Everything runs smooth. Keep it going Apple

The Flickr statistics were also updated. The iPhone 5 is now the second most popular camera on Flickr, while the iPhone 4 dropped to the third most popular camera.

To be honest, they are going to really have to wow me and show me "why apple" with their next iPhone. These android phones are becoming next to impossible to ignore and not consider as my main phone.

To me, this highlights all the very reasons why Apple doesn't have to out-spec all the flagship android phones coming out. Apple is Apple. They're great because of the approach they take, beautifully designing everything to 'just work.' Fanboys can fight all they like about bigger screens, more cores on the processors etc. but for the typical consumer, there's no argument.

This is really smart of Apple to highlight, and rings true for me: while I like to use both Android and iOS for my phones, whenever a less tech savvy friend asks which phone to get, I always recommend an iPhone. It's just simpler to use and has all the apps they need.

I don't find this surprising at all. Since the day people have had an iPhone I have always begged Verizon would get it. And without a doubt I knew I would get it on first release. Never been happier. And the Apple store staff, even when I called them before, are just superb and make it seem like they know you, and are right there with you to console you.

If those others don't care for the iPhone...then whatever. But I would totally recommend the iPhone to an older folk or a parent who is not tech savvy and have a flip phone, which is much more confusing and a hassle when texting. Simple tap tap and away and you're good as pro on the iPhone.

I can only recommend a high-end Android phone to someone who wants to geek-tweak it out and has the skills to do it. After trying out Galaxy phones, I can say that they feel plasticky and cheap. The Android OS is not a smooth experience. My coworker is anti-Apple and bought a Motorola Android phone even though I told her the iPhone would be the best to meet her needs. 2 weeks later, her Android phone is driving her nuts. Most people just want their phone to work out of the box. That phone is the iPhone.

How long will it take all those users of lesser quality smartphones to realize what they've been missing out on?! They should all go read Apple's "Why iPhone" site! There's a big reason why Apple has been awarded this for nine straight studies!

The iPhone is the most safe self phone in the world
But apple should make more update in iOs specially if the phone are silent there is no indicate in the bookmark

This is the ninth consecutive time Apple has won this award. Realize this is the ninth consecutive study and there seems to be multiple studies in some years so that is the disparity with how many iPhones have been released and how many awards Apple has won.

Thank you. I should have read your comment before I posted. On that note however when will we be able to edit posts from the app?

Please forgive me for my ignorance but can someone please explain how it's their ninth award when the iPhone is 6yrs old.

Congrats Apple ! I do believed Apple have a good service at their official shops. iMore held iPhone giveaway, don't miss it !

Not sure why people love to hate the iPhone so much. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Why waste your time making nonsense comments on blogs?? iPhone is made for everyone, but it's not for everyone. Congrats iPhone!!!

People like to bash on something they 'dont like'. Why? Because it's an easy way to make a 'point' when you don't have any argument. There is a lot of reason to prefere ios or android. It's how you feel it.

People accuse iPhones and Apple of being "boring", "stale", etc. To a certain extent, those arguments can be proven valid. But here's my thing: Android may be flashy and offer new little tweaks and/or features, but how reliable is it? An iPhone, if cared for and regularly given software updates, can function as new even after being used for two years. What Android phone can do that? After my brief stint of working for AT

Very nice, but I'm sure every top phone manufacturer could get these kind of "awards" if they simply asked for a study (or similar, don't exactly know how it works).

But Apple has done a good job, please keep it coming!