Apple updates iTunes with EQ, large library fixes

Apple updates iTunes with EQ, large library fixes

Apple posted a maintenance update to iTunes for Mac and Windows today. The new version, 11.1.3, is available for download from Apple's web site and through the Software Update system preference.

According to Apple's release notes:

This version of iTunes resolves an issue where the equalizer may not work as expected and improves performance when switching views in large iTunes libraries. This update also includes additional minor bug fixes.

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Reader comments

Apple updates iTunes with EQ, large library fixes


I agree, whenever I see an update has been issued I want to be excited about it, not something like, "great... The neighbor's dog just pooped on my lawn again". I want an update to make me feel like, "Awesome! That dang kid who keeps cutting through my yard just stepped on that loaf my neighbor's dog just pinched out under my Bradford Pear tree!"

I wonder if this is a back door maneuver to block all the users that downgraded from Mavericks after the iCloud debacle.

With Apple's new Mavericks operating system users no longer have the choice of syncing locally with a cable as the SyncServices lib was removed without notifying users (see the Apple discussions forum). If users want to synchronize their data from their computer to their iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod) they are forced to use the iCloud, set up their own server or revert to a previous OS. Even if you don't sync, it's widely understood that if you use Siri, all your contacts have already been uploaded to the iCloud.

It fixed my issue of the sync not completing. The last week or so everytime I do a sync with my iPhone it gets stuck on the "Finishing Sync" but it never does finish. I have to manually eject the iPhone.