Apple updates Remote app with all new design for iOS 7

Apple updates Remote app with new design for iOS 7

Apple has finally updated its iOS remote app with an all new design for iOS 7. As you might expect from an Apple release, this is a complete overhaul, and while much of it is glitz and glamor, the important part – the functionality – remains untouched, and everything is basically where it was before. But it looks awesome.

Support for iTunes 11.1 has also been added in this latest release, which you can download right now from the App Store at the link below.

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Reader comments

Apple updates Remote app with all new design for iOS 7


If iTunes didnt suck and Apple TV wasnt such a gated community of apps then I would love remote app.

I know most of iMore readers (well I think) use iTunes and their Apple TV but Roku is so much better and you get some good apps like PLEX.

My dreams would come true if Apple opened up the Apple TV to 3rd Party Devs.

Me just vetting my frustration with the "hobby device." I'm still an fanboy to an extent but uggg I want an open apple tv

What do you lack in Apple TV, besides the fact it's not open?

Mine streams perfectly my TV series, movies, music, podcasts from my iTunes library, wirelessly, flawlessly.

I don't like that I have to encode everything before I watch it. So RIP my dvd or use handbrake to convert it. Then if I want artwork I have to add it manually using say metax. With Plex I can stream whatever format I want and meta data is filled automatically. My old family videos are not in Apple format I cant play in iTunes I would have to convert days of video. Just too time consuming. Plex I tell it where the folder of content is and advise the app its family videos and I can stream from anywhere I have internet. iTunes cloud is so sloppy and limited in functionality. If they opened it up it would be a game changer for the Apple TV. Apple does some stuff great and some stuff not so good. I don't think they win in the content management side of things.

If I lived in iTunes then I wouldn't care so much but I don't.

Yea the content I have is in iTunes works fine but I just dont use iTunes anymore.

I hear you, but there's no one size fits all media device. For example, Roku doesn't have AirPlay, no menu access to iTunes content. AppleTV suits my needs more than Roku, but I completely understand why it's not for everyone.

Apple doesn't play tons of file formats that WDTV have and it lacks the apps that Roku has. Much more important to me than access to itunes. I've never bought media from them. Apple tv could be great but it's a pretty limited device in a pretty shell. I think it's best for those that just buy apple and want to use netflix.

I share some of your frustrations, but the Apple TV offers a certain quality of experience, at least to me. If it was a crapshoot of apps, anyone with a YouTube channel being able to build for it, would it be the same experience? Or would it turn into a mess?

Just consult the App Store. If you take a random sample of the App Store it would overwhelmingly appear to be a crap shoot. But when you provide top lists and recommended apps, the cream rises to the top. I don't think there's a valid argument against opening up the platform beyond Apple not knowing or not yet delivering their big play for the living room. After all, the surest way to alienate developers is to give them a platform to release their apps on and then make a major paradigm shift before they can recoup their initial investment *cough* Windows Phone *cough*.

for me appletv's problem is purely because it can't play a ton of my almost 2 tbs of digital media. I think it looks great but it simply needs to support a ton more codecs. The fact that i'd have to convert nearly half of my media is the deterrent to getting an apple tv. I have a 5 year old wdtv player and it still plays everything i own. and did it 5 years ago. And another concern is simply that some players don't play certain types of audio, be it ac3, dts, 6 channel aac, etc. Apple may not suffer from all of that but it's also a concern when buying any player. Roku has some issues but it's not as bad. It's a trade off with all of these things. Not to mention i still have plenty of old rips in xvid or divx format, often because i did them long ago and the movies have never come out on bluray so there is no replacement. I'd have to convert all of them, a big hassle. But not being able to watched my ripped copies of the wire and battlestar galactica seasons (both in mkv) are dealbreakers for now.

I think the remaining Apple apps requiring an iOS 7 update are iBooks, iTunes U, Find My Friends, and Keynote Remote (this one hasn't even been optimized for 4" screens).

I hope this fixes the issue I have where the Movie artwork on the remote is different than the movie. So I click a movie on the remote app the movie that displays is different.

I'll be happy if it finally works in landscape orientation on my iPad. It's been broken since iOS 7 was released.

This was long overdue. The old Remote app was crashing at least 3 times a day for me since I updated to iOS 7. I hope this one plays much nicer with iOS 7.

Interestingly, the iPad redesign sports iOS6-like shadowed interface elements on iPad.
Meanwhile, the usually neon-blue-html-link-style buttons are now darker, which looks much nicer.
Is Apple about to soft down the eye straining colors and the flat ? I'm full of hope, now.

Am I missing something? What about iTunes Radio control support for Remove. Can't create a station, search for a station or start a station as far as I can tell. Or am I the only one that cares.

Where did the keyboard go for either typing in anywhere??? Even in the searches it doesn't appear and you have to scroll like a madman. I can't get it to work any longer since the update.

Big problem using Apple Remote App with Apple TV -- the App needs to use the same AppleID as the Apple TV. So our multi-IOS-device/multi-AppleID-accounts household can't all use the App to control the Apple TV :(((