Apple urges iTunes affiliates to hurry up and transition to the new PHG program before Oct. 1

Apple urges iTunes affiliates to hurry up and transition to the new PHG program before Oct. 1

Apple's got a brand new affiliate partner in PHG and they're telling everyone within email distance to hurry up and change before the old Linkshare and DGM links go dead on October 1, 2013.

As a valuable member of the iTunes, App Store, iBooks Store and Mac App Store affiliate program, we want to alert you to some important program changes. We are no longer using the Linkshare or DGM networks, so if you are an affiliate in these programs, you need to migrate to the new program.

Performance Horizon Group (PHG) will support our new affiliate program. To continue earning commissions without interruption, you must set up a new affiliate account with PHG and update all existing Linkshare and DGM affiliate links before October 1st, 2013.

We have improved and expanded our program to create a more global platform with enhanced reporting capabilities. The new program terms include a higher 7% commission on eligible sales within a 24-hour purchase window. You can use the same new affiliate tracking token for US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan and more. Tradedoubler links are not impacted by this change.


Signing up for the new program is easy. We will review and approve your application quickly. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email with more information on how to create new PHG affiliate links.

iMore - and others - began trying it out last week and so far, so great. The new system is quicker, cleaner, offers a higher commission, and services more countries internationally. Win. Win. Win. Win.

If you've given it a try, let me know how you're liking it.

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Apple urges iTunes affiliates to hurry up and transition to the new PHG program before Oct. 1


It looks like the new link-maker won't make a link to an iOS or Mac app created by Apple. Search for "Final Cut Pro" with type Mac App and you'll get a bunch of third-party helper apps, but not FCPX itself. Same for "Keynote" in "iOS Apps". True, the new URL format simply seems to be to append "&uo=4&at=<your-affil-id>" to the usual iTunes link, so you could always build it by hand, but I don't know if we can figure out whether that actually works.

So iMore gets an affiliate cut every time I buy an app by clicking a link in an article? I suspected this but didn't know.