Check out the new Beats section on the Apple Online Store!

Now that Apple's acquisition of Beats has met regulatory approval, the company has welcomed Beats even further into the fold. A new section of Apple's online and mobile accessory store has been opened up and it's entirely dedicated to the selling of Beats products.

Headphones, speakers and even accessories for the Beats accessories are available such as the Beats Pill Dude. Earlier this month, Apple welcomed Beats into the Apple family by setting up an official notice but now, Beats takes on even further presence than what already existed.

I still can't see Apple selling many Beats Pill Dudes, though, even if it was the entire homepage. You can check out the full Beats accessory section by hitting this link and heading on over to the Apple online store.

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Check out the new Beats section on the Apple Online Store!


I think Apple should have bought Bose instead of Beats, but I understand Beats is more popoular with a larger number of people and looks more stylish so I get their decision. I think Bose headphones/speakers sound better and are lighter and more comfortable to wear than Beats. They also seem to last longer. So, I have zero plans in ever buying Beats from Apple unless they begin making them a bit more like Bose.

Yeah it's definitely not about sound quality. Though Beats aren't the WORST on the market, they are definitely overpriced for their quality. It's a trend and I guess you can't be mad at that, but I would take a pair of Bose or even Sennheiser over Beats any day.

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Well I think beats headphones look better and are more popular than Bose. And that is probably what Apple is going for. They were looking for a company with similar goals. Which is design and popularity. Also I recently read an article that Apple's purchase of beats made Apple a lot "cooler" to students. So I think it's not just the product that Apple bought but the whole hype behind beats.

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Beats, and similar headphones are great for listening to prerecorded music. When you are doing a finial mix, you do not need bass enhanced cans. It is better to hear the music exactly as recorded so you do not over process it in the final mix. I guess it all depends what you need the headphones for. They are pricy.