What did you like (or not like) about Apple's 2010 iTunes/iPod event?

Well, another Apple event is in the books and this one saw iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod touch, iOS 4.2 for iPad, iOS-powered iPod nano and Apple TV (no apps, though!), iTunes 10

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What did you like (or not like) about Apple's 2010 iTunes/iPod event?


I streamed the event live on my iPhone during my art history college lecture, totally worth not learning any information for that class. (probably shouldve just watched it at my dorm)
I feel like the iPod nano could look better, in fact I think it could've been the new shuffle, but i suppose every new iPod nano looked odd to me at first.
I'm excited to get my first television so I can use an iTV with it.

Did I miss something or is the new iPod Touch not have LED flash? And WHY would they not put that on it?

Did anyone notice that the nano doesnt have the capability to play videos? I got the last gen for my kids not just because they can listen to their own music but also watch their own movies (really useful on those long/not-so-long road trips). I like the touch screen but its a little to small to be useful IMO.

I missed the event. I'm not seeing it anywhere - but does the new iTunes 10 give us the ability to stream our itunes music to our iPhones/ipads?

jab steve jobs ki death hui,to saare world me log dukhi ho gaye, but uske theek 11days baad Denis Ritchi (developer of C,C++,unix etc) ki maut hui, kisi ko pata bhi nai chala.Thats the blindness of pelpoe, everyone has become sheep, everyone follow each other .Its called marketing

The only thing I didn't like was the new iPod Nano. Why smaller?; If you want a tiny iPod theres the shuffle. Why Touch?; If theres the iPod Touch. iThink Apple just wanted to play fushions with iPods about the touchscreen like the iPad; The iPad is a large sized iPod Touch and now the nano, is a tiny iPod Touch.

So new nano has same capacity and price as last year's nano. It has a smaller screen with lower resolution, loses the ability to watch videos, loses the ability to record videos, and trades its control scheme for one which (IMO) is less efficient for controlling a music player. Yeah, you get a touch-screen, but so what? Touch-screen is awesome on the iPhone and iPod Touch because those are mobile computers with apps and soft keyboards and enough screen real estate to see and interact with your content. Moving to a touch-screen just because sounds lame to me.
Although I do kind of approve of the shift back to being a more music-focused device.

Were we not expecting a fix to the low light yellow tint camera problem in the iPhone?

I think, the whole event was crap. No LED flash on iPod touch??? Was really expecting an iPod touch 3G atleast.. Stupid iPod nano??( i think,1 will have to buy $29 ifingers, to operate multitouch). Total bull..

So, I'll go ahead and say it: since when is the Classic not considered part of the iPod family? I mean, seriously, I understand that Apple is kind of at a standstill as to how to improve them without raising the pricepoint, but c'mon! Don't say the entire iPod lineup if you actually just mean "the youngsters."

to eric that i entered this cnsteot and this is how i said it. i entered a cnsteot to win and iPod nano AAAAAND chocolate! that's exactly how i read what you wrote in your post. so, to me it was funny. yeah. =) can't wait to see you tomorrow!

The only item vaguely of interest/merit was iOS 4.2 for the iPad, but having to wait for November!
The rest was cute, but hardly worthy of such a spectacle.

I know I'm gonna hear about January, but, I personally would have liked to see the iPad have gotten updated and officially brought into the iPod family...

I took apple's horrible redesign of the nano as a means of manipulating buyers into getting an iPod touch. that thing is way too small to be usable. when it comes to mp3 players, you want to feel like you're holding on to something.

New Nano should be called "iPod Gimped": I see nothing but LOST capabilities from last year's excellent model (do I see right that it lost its SPEAKER as well???)
New iPod Touch IMHO represents a POOR choice on Apple's part to emphasis THIN instead of including the nice 5 megapixel camera and flash (sorry, 0.7 megapixels is way too low...hello 2001 digicams!)

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if you don't want the phone part, why buy iphone? if you buy it wihtuot a phone plan it will be much more expensive and the only actual difference from the ipod is its camera and speaker. ipod is slimmer too.