What will Apple's big iTunes announcement be?

We're just over an hour away TiPb nation, so this is your last chance to try and predict Apple's big iTunes announcement today. Will it be epic or will it end with "bazinga" ?

Vote in the poll above and give us the reasons why in the comments below.

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Reader comments

What will Apple's big iTunes announcement be?


If it turns out to be a Beatles release, Please Please Please fire that guy in Apple who had that bright idea!! And while your at it announce that. Now that would be a good day.

Has anyone at this point been holding out for an AAC version of these track? I've had them ripped to an ipod for a long long time.

Beatles announcement gaining traction .... big epic dull fail if it is ... While they're music was revolutionary its simply not warranted any more since their albums have been remastered and released on various formats in both audiophile versions and regular over the past few years... simply no longer matters releasing it in a digital 'meh' rate on a music service.... although i'm certain it'll shoot to #1 in iTunes charts shortly after release.

I would rather them announce anything but the Beatles. This is one time when I would be excited about iPhone socks. In fact, I don't even want them to announce the Beatles along with some other announcement. I want the whole Beatles thing to be over.

While we wait here fore the 4.2 they announce Beatles? WTH? Who cares? 4.2 is much much more important.