Apple's Black Friday deals are gift cards, not price reductions [Update: U.S. too]

Apple's Black Friday deals event has gone live out in Australia, and the news is that gift cards are the offer and not price reductions. Across pretty much the entire device range, Apple Store gift cards of varying values are on offer up to a maximum of A$ 150 when buying a new Mac.

It's perhaps disappointing to some that the 'deals' actually involve returning to the Apple Store and buying something else, albeit at a reduced price. Any discounts would have been modest at best, and as ever the best reductions on Apple products can be found elsewhere this Black Friday.

Whatever you've got your eye on, be sure to check out the complete Mobile Nations guide to the Black Friday sales before heading out!

Update: The U.S. Apple Store has now gone live, and it too is following the gift cards promotion as with Australia. $75 when buying a new iPad Air, $150 when buying a new Mac, other smaller amounts when buying iPods, Apple TV, iPad mini and iPad 2. As with other countries the Retina iPad mini seems to be excluded. Gift cards are also available on a variety of third party product purchases.

Source: Apple Australia, Apple U.S.

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Apple's Black Friday deals are gift cards, not price reductions [Update: U.S. too]


This makes me laugh, but in a good way. People always want to get a great deal on Apple products and Apple will never* do it! Yet they're still incredibly profitable. It's amazing. *tear*

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There are actual price reductions available at the Apple UK site, plus I can get corporate discounts direct from Apple at any time.
So, "Apple will never do it"?

Typical greedy Apple. Not surprised at all. At least the 5C is free on a 2 year contract in Canada. Not sure how that happened..

Typical cheap whiner. What is greedy? Microsoft advertising office and keyboard as key features of the surface an how they make their tablet so much better...yet you have to pay more for them both.

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Thanksgiving has become synonymous with shopping and complaining instead of spending time with family and giving thanks for what you have.

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This is pretty much in line with what Tim Cook said about driving more traffic to Apple Stores. There were 370 million visitors to Apple Stores worldwide in 2012, which was more than 1 million visitors per day. I wonder what 2013's numbers will be.

Oh, and as for Apple not discounting anything too much, I'm sure it's to keep their various retail partners happy. For example, Best Buy wouldn't like it if Apple constantly undercut their prices.

I too thought this not to be great, but then thought
Someone buys an Apple product, gets a gift card of x dollars, they've just now gotten a gift to give to someone. Yup killing two birds with one stone as the saying goes. The gift just may make a new customer/user for Apple they might not ever gotten to buy Apple.

I'll be interested of the success or not when results come in.

I was keen to get an iPad Mini Retina today with this deal....but looks like thats the one device it ain't happening with :(

I just bought 2 iPad minis at the NZ Apple online store and the credit ($60 on each) got applied to the purchase straight away, no need to come back and buy something else with the credit later. So, well done Apple for giving some decent discounts.

I really didn't expect any big Black Friday deals for apple, all of their products are in demand so people will buy them at whatever price they are, so why would they put them on sale?

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I bought an iPad Air yesterday online, with in-store pick-up, in the U.S. (That's the ONLY thing I would brave a mall for Black Friday on...UGH!). The gift card was not applied to my purchase, but when I got to the store, I was able to use it right away to buy a Smart Cover. Haven't decided what to do with the rest if it yet.


I bought an iPad Air and received a $75 Apple Store card. They did let me turn around and buy a $75 iTunes gift card with it. I would rather spend the money on apps and media.

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That's why it's better to shop at B &H Photo or MacMall where they actually reduce the price !

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I bought an iPad Air online for in store pickup. I was eligible for the $75 gift card, but told they will email it to me. I have been on the phone to Apple support for 2 days asking where the card is and keep getting told it will come. Nothing yet.

The iPad is a gift, so I was buying it anyway. I was just liking the idea of giving the gift card with it for accessories. At this point the gift card is a headache.

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