Were Apple's Galaxy Tab 10.1 lawsuit photos misleading? [Updated]

Were Apple's Galaxy Tab 10.1 lawsuit photos misleading?

Webwereld took a look at the visual evidence presented against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that got it banned from sale in most of the European Union, and has called shenanigans. Jerry from Android Central explains:

In Apple's images, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been shown with a different aspect ratio (1:36 as opposed to the actual 1:46 -- the iPad is 1:30), causing it to more closely resemble the dimensions of the iPad. This accounts for a full eight percent difference in the "short" side of the Tab, and you can see the result above. If that weren't enough, the Samsung logo has been removed from Apple's image, and of course it's shown with the app drawer open instead of the normal home screen view.

Certainly seems like someone has some explaining to do!

Update: MacRumors sums up that the photo above was only part of Apple's evidentiary offering. [MacRumors]

As John at Edible Apple and others have pointed out, Apple's evidentiary submission is not limited to the inaccurate comparison photo, as Apple did also offer a number of other exhibits in support of its case, including some showing actual side-by-side photos of the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 rather than just promotional images. Consequently, it stands to reason that the judge's decision was not based entirely on the flawed comparison, although the inclusion of inaccurate information in Apple's submission certainly is a curious one.

[Webwereld via OSNews, Android Central]

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Were Apple's Galaxy Tab 10.1 lawsuit photos misleading? [Updated]


Apple had a great run in being mainstream, and they are obviously losing the market, and they are scared, so the patent troll. They should just go back to being a niche device, and just do what they do.

lol if apple did this then its obvious that dont think it looks that much a like if the altered it that much....

I had a hard time reading your comment. Here's a translation:
"lol, if Apple did this then it's obvious that they don't think they look that much alike if they altered it that much...."

lol sorry i was just so surprised that apple would do this that i was struggling to type what my brain was telling me to...i am just so shocked to see how so many ifanboys are still on apples side even though its clear apple have done wrong..its just shocking how some people actually dedicate themselves to all thing apple and they see apple as a company than can do know wrong..

There is no tablet market because Apple is being busy suing them off the market XD. Now I guess I can see how the tab looks like that Pad -_-. Is apple just afraid that Android will rise up in the tablet market like they did in the phone market and trying to prevent that? ....

The Fed has $72 billion in cash reserve, Apple has $79 billion cash. That's what 6052 is referring. I don't think they are on a decline - things seem to be getting ramped up..

3% of all the money in the U.S. is real. The rest is debt and only exists on computers. It's made up out of thin air.

if apple think the Ipad is so superior and if they are dominating the tablet market do they really need to sue Samsung? Nothing like a bit of friendly competition.

when i went into my local store to look at a galaxy tab and compared it to an ipad i really didn't see anything remotely the same apart from the dark outer edge between the screen and edge of the device. i think it's fair to say that apple can't take it when another company brings something better than there product out.

If they posted it on their site to show how Samsung is copying, I'd agree but to submit "photoshopped" images to a court to negatively effect a competitors business is epitome of being evil.
Update [just for chirm3r]:
...epitome of being evil, in the "don't be evil" mantra-sense of the word.

As John says, if they limited it to adverts or "social media" like with their little death grip videos they were making to play down their death touch issue, that's one thing. But doing this in a legal filing.. that goes WAY beyond just a "massive over-exaggeration"...

Not to defend Apple, but how are we sure the opposite isn't true? That someone photoshopped the top Tablet to make it look less like the iPad?

Brand new app from Apple its call iSuit. Want to sue someone go ahead? Don't have evidence? OK this app will make evidence for you. Available now in the Appstore.

Yea, if we were talking about those patent acquisitions and tossing it around that would be going over board. But when you submit documents to a court that have intentionally false information in them, that's a whole other ball game.

Wow, you take these discussions very serious. We're talkinga bout technology companies being "evil" in the vein of them doing conniving, backstabbing, etc, etc, etc things.
Get real dude.

Who pays the lawyers?
Do you seriously believe Apple doesn't approve their moves and do you believe the lawyers are making design documents?

were they? its obvious they have...thers no defending what apple has done here...anyone who defend apple for altering the evidence is clearly a fanboy/girl

when you are showing false evidence to the court to trick them...there is something wrong...whether its apple or anyone else, tampering with evidence is evil...remember these false photo shopped images are being used to stop a product being sold to consumers... if apple had nothing to worry about then why this?

It's refreshing to see that even big Apple fans over here know when wrong is wrong, and can admit one of their favorite companies has done a terrible thing. I just hope the mainstream media can catch onto this and finally put a slight damper in the average Joe's perception of Apple being able to do no wrong and that Steve Jobs is God. It's sickening. Just as it's sickening what Steve is doing and has been doing (patent war) for awhile now. I like some of Apple's products, and admit they are beautiful hardware (not too into iOS software though), but their overpriced devices and beyond incapable, immature and pathetic leader Jobs continuously turn me off from Apple again and again. This news just increases the distance. Honestly, I think if Apple were run by a different person, they could really do some GREAT things!

Nobady talks about the fact that what we are seeing in Samsung's tablet in the image above is the "Apps" section of the Honeycomb, not the natural homescreen, just as the Ipad is showing. They are comparing two different things, and usually users are in the main screens. If you compare the main screens of Ipad and Samsung tablet, they have absolutely nothing to do, specially because the Samsung tablet is naturally build to use it in landscape mode (I know, you can use it however you want, but a 10.1 screen tablet is usually used in ladscape). So I think that not only the size of the Samsung tablet is misleading, but also what Apple chose to put as background of the Samsung tablet. They are comparing apples with bananas. Of course, there might be other images that we don't know as people point out, but just wanted to make the point with this one image (if this happens once, for sure will happen in many images). And for the record, I am an apple guy...

To the landscape point, the Tab volume controls are set for landscape. Up is on the right so in portrait you press the bottom of the volume to turn it up.

Completely weird. To be honest I don't know if these images are the exact one's submitted.
Samsung def' should have called them on it.