Apple's lack of gold iPhone 5s on launch day drives man to spend $1500. Epic deal, or fail?

Kevin Michaluk, who's no stranger to either Apple launch events in Miami, or throwing hundreds of dollars at apps or thousands of dollars at phones, decided in the spur of a moment to combine all of these things together and pay $1500 for a gold iPhone 5s. Why? Because Apple had critically low stock at every location we've been able to find out about. The Miami Apple store, for example, had 3.

Still, never one to waste an opportunity to turn water into wine, the Mobile Nations video crew combed through their footage from the launch event this morning and edited it into another adventure of mobile madness for all of us to enjoy. So here it is, the tall tale of a boy, his lust for golden gadgets, and his epic, financially disastrous, victory!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Apple's lack of gold iPhone 5s on launch day drives man to spend $1500. Epic deal, or fail?


Agreed. That is insane, but people with a lot of money are willing to spend whatever it takes sometimes. Even if I had a lot of money I wouldn't over pay like that.

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It's crackberry Kevin, win on his part in every way lol.

Now you get fancy gold comparisons from every angle, multiple lenses and multiple tests, soon as Rene gets his hands on it.

I had no idea that was crackberry Kevin nor did I know it was being recorded but I guess I should have...

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I would love to have so much money floating around that I could pay double the cost of an iPhone that I could probably just wait another week or so to get anyway... If he really wanted to give money away... I'm sure there was some individuals in need of some assistance near to where he lives.

... Must be nice.

"I love GOOooooolD!" xD

The gold one looks so much better than I thought it would in person, Kevin doing what Kevin does best haha. Epic!

I personally don't find a huge difference between the Golden one and the White & Silver. But specially that women here where I live would be interested in the golden one I will go for the White & Silver. I don't like the black and silver one though, prefer Black and slate as iPhone 5.

If I had that king of money, forget the phone. Guitar Center, or Sweetwater here I come. I wonder if this is a fake story. That guy did not look like he had a wad of cash, and if he did, wonder if he will make it home alive.

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Definitely a true story. While he was in the Apple store buying his gold iPhone 5s, I was running up and down Lincoln road trying to pull enough cash out of the ATM. Plus, he was interviewed on tv by major local outlets.... right before he sold it to me :)

Ok, you are one crazy man, even in South Beach, carrying that much cash is dangerous. I did not realize it was you. Have fun with your new gold phone.

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I used the $1500 to buy another gold iPhone 5s but this one is 32 GB. I also still have the 64 GB one that I bought for myself that I am using to pat this comment in Space Grey in a nice Mophie Case

Hey Kevin, it was me who sold you the gold iPhone and yes it is a true story. I also have one more Gold iPhone if anybody else is interested. This one is 32 GB though...

I am very much alive. I definitely didn't complain. I used half the money to buy a 32 GB iPhone 5s in Gold. The idea is to NOT LOOK like you have a wad of cash to decrease your chances of getting robbed

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20 minute lineup at the Vancouver Metrotown Apple Store got me a Space Gray 32GB at 1130 am this morning. They didn't have any gold when I was there.

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People have too much money. Always have that "have to have it first mentality" good for the guy selling it that there are idiots like this out there helping them make a quick buck or in this case $1500

What you mean people have too much money. People with money can go spend it where they wish. You do the same with yours. Let Kevin be. Probably bought so Rene can unbox it and show us all the goodies.

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I didn't see him as an idiot, just as somebody who valued the phone enough to make sure he got what he wanted. It happens like that all the time down here on South Beach especially when it comes to foreigners. Some pay way more than that.

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I am the guy in the video and I have no complaints. I am just very surprised to see a video of myself on my favorite tech blog this morning. This is wild.

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In germany after 10 hours of waiting time i get my iPhone 16GB Gold but i would never sell it.

But its cool to be one of the first gold members. Welcome to the Club Goldfingers ;) its so cool this phone and everybody want it:)

Fail, the fact that it was CrackBerry Kevin Epic Fail. You are going to have some upset BlackBerry users. If you have some spare $ I know of a company in Waterloo that could use some....DJ or James should sell you a Z30 for $3,000 lol

I was waiting for this epic stupidity, and there it is.

Yes. He's only allowed to buy BB. Off with his head! SMDH

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Fail. you make slightly more than you can sell. I think you're losing more customers than you gain by having shortages. people willing to wait will buy anyways. Why not book a sale rather than giving them a reason to go elsewhere.

Considering buying an Iphone5S off contract will set you back $700-$900 plus, I say why not if you can afford it!

Not an epic win nor fail, but impatience. I ordered mine online and was lucky to order gold iphone 5s 64gb att and should receive it by oct 2nd or sooner.

I think the idea that limited supply made people want gold is over stated. It seemed to me that people had already decided they wanted gold after seeing it online and some changed to gold after liking the look of the in store display.

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And I love it's a Canadian that's showing us just how screwed up our country has gotten. Especially when so many American jackass' talk trash about Canada. /EpicFacepalm

Now now... I've thoroughly enjoyed Kevin's enthusiasm over at CB in the past. But now that's just plain stupid! No offense. Hey, don't get me wrong... I'd love to get my hands on a new gadget as soon as it comes out, even if I might have to pay a bit higher than the actual cost. But what i'm talking about is just a tad bit higher... not more than double the price!!

But then again... maybe Kev's got too much cash to care. Kevin - if you're listening... Please make a note; i'd like a Gold iPhone 5S too!!! Pretty please!

Well there was only a total of 4 gold iPhones at that apple store. Two were 16 GB and two were 32 GB. Tell Kevin that I have a 32 GB of he wants it.

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Come on guys stop being so naive. He's getting reimbursed - he works for a mobile site and with good accountants this could easily get banged through as a business expense. He will get reimbursed and Mobile Nations will be able to deduct it from their taxes. Makes good theatre that's it - legit business expense.

Hearing the story helped. A little time and perspective didn't hurt. I've made my decision.

Epic deal.

If it was in such short supply, prices go up. So... What is the mark-up for waiting in line for 24-hours or so, getting the most rare of models, and selling to number 200+ in line on launch day?

Oh, and don't forget that Kevin (speculation) is probably buyi this thing straight-up, off-contract. I feel comfortable making that assumption considering his online profession. So, while I don't know what the storage was on that model, I'm guessing he'd have paid about half that price, anyway.

So, he didn't buy a $200 phone for $1500. He probably paid twice as much for the phone but saved himself the $1500 additional markup/eBay mugging that would have set in once the scarcity became more well-known.

Props, Kevin.

I can understand the adrenaline to buy it while its still rare but if you have waited a bit more for the same amount you couldve bought the Gold 5s + any other flagship device of your choice....but it seems BlackBerry fans are cheating a bit, owning myself a Q10 as a daily driver and Z10 and ahem iphone 5 silver white which i like a lot with ios 7 ( quite a lot).... Victory for Kevin :))) hell with financials

Leave it to Kevin to do something like this :P

I'm not surprised though, I've seen non gold 5S's going for well over $1000 on Craigslist. And people do buy them too.

For those complaining. Crackberry Kevin works for his money and can spend it anyway he chooses too. Time is money. I heard one guy stood in line for 15 days to get an iPhone. So if time is money and he makes $700 a week, then 2 weeks would be $1400. Kevin opted to not spend 15 days In line and he still got the phone he wanted. Please stop whining and let him enjoy it.

Good Job Crackberry Kevin.

Got my 64 gig space grey. I wanted silver 64 gig, but the ONLY iPhones they had were 64 gig space grey (and plenty of 5C... I heard they had only sold 1 5C that morning). I like it, so it's cool, and I didn't have to pay $1500! Lol.

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I am the guy who sold the Gold iPhone 5s to Kevin. I had no idea who he was at the time. There were only 4 gold iPhones. Two in 16gb and two in 32 GB. I didn't think he was insane when he bought it and the person who offered $3000 never told me about it...

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I would feel great about that purchase until the "new phone high" wore off and then I would feel horrible.