Apple's larger next-gen iPhones reportedly said to go into production next month


Apple's suppliers will reportedly begin mass producing the next-generation iPhone 6 — which will allegedly be available in a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch variant — in the month of July, with an estimated shipping date set for September. Although not new information, it is consistent with other rumors and the timeline fits what Apple's established over the last couple of years. According to Bloomberg:

The new iPhones will also be rounder and thinner than previous models, said one of the people. Production of the 5.5-inch model is more complicated than the smaller version, resulting in lower production efficiency that must be overcome before manufacturing volume can be increased, said the person.

Also reiterated is the presence of a curved glass screen, which allows manufacturers to "taper the edges of the screen where the bezel meets the frame of a smartphone." This is a direction that's been talked about since Apple went with bezel gestures in iOS 7.

Would you be interested in a 5.5-inch iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Bloomberg

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Reader comments

Apple's larger next-gen iPhones reportedly said to go into production next month


I think that the current iPhones 5s screen size is the perfect one, I know a "5 screen sounds blasting but think how it will feel... To me is like carrying a fridge in your pocket.

The current iPhone's screen is way too narrow and the device has too much bezel. I just came back to my iPhone 5 from a MotoX and the screen is the only thing I miss. The MotoX was only slightly bigger in footprint than the iPhone. I think apple can make a convincing package with a 4.7 inch screen. The 5.5 is a niche category.

me too. Tried the motox for 30 days and it was a very nice device. it had great form factor. But I missed some apps on the iphone. However, I must say, one thing to consider in the 4.7" of the motox, is that a portion on the bottom was space used up by the on screen buttons, so the screen (except for the width) was similiar to the current iphone. Anyways, you are right though, they can and Im sure they will enlarge the screen without enlarging the phone much (I hope)

5 inches is perfect, people think it's way too big for your pocket but really it's not. As for 5.5 I'd still get one.

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How do you know what's too big for my pocket? :p

Particularly for people who hermetically seal their phones in fancy cases, 5" is a tight squeeze, at least in my pockets.

5s in my opinion is far from the perfect size. I think closer to a 5 inch (but nothing more) would be more of the ideal size for most since it would be closer to the more average hand size. For males at least. To answer the question though, I would not buy a 5.5 inch screen phone.

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Agree especially not with the huge bezels apple sticks with because of the home button. 4.7" is about as large as I want to go for an iPhone anyway.

That's one thing I don't understand about the design of the iPhone. The bottom bezel I can excuse for being large because of the home button, but the top bezel? Seems like a lot of wasted space up there compared to other smartphones. Surely Apple can minimize the footprint of the top bezel without sacrificing performance. Maybe it's for aesthetic reasons...keep the top and bottom bezel the same size for a cohesive look?

For me a 5.5" is a no go. Big phones like the SGS4 are already pushing too big for me, so a screen that's got ~20% more screen size is probably also too big unless it's completely bezel-less.

A 4.7-4.8" phone, though, I'd go for that. A 1280x720 display resolution fits perfectly there with the same DPI as the 5S, and it'd still be a nice jump in size over the current 4".

If all you care about is MOAR NUMBERZ then I agree. OTOH, thanks to shared subpixels on Samsung devices, a true 720p display is actually higher density. Sure there are LCDs with higher resolutions too, but at some point you have to decide if better battery life and on-screen performance is more important than MOAR NUMBERZ!!!!11one

Because your eyes and resolve better than 300ppi, right? Oh wait, no they can't.

Once you have enough pixels that the don't appear to people any more is just spec whacking off. It also wastes battery. Yes, wastes, since by definition if the pixels can't be seen going even smaller confers no advantage.

4.7 will be perfect for me. Actually my 5 is already perfect. 5.5 makes my retina iPad mini obsolete and I'm not getting rid of it.

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Interested in a 4.7 inch viewable screen? or overall size 4.7? either way I would be interested but with a 5.5 with the same variables above I would not.

Unless you are wearing super tight pants you should be able to fit it in your pocket.

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Keep the physical size of the overall phone the same or close and I don't care, make it much bigger and you can keep your iPhone, I'll switch to a crap ass flip phone and use my iPad mini to get things done.

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I like the current length, but ever so slightly wider would be nice if it's thinner. Beyond that I have my iPad.

probably the 4.7" for me. I think people look ridiculous when you can clearly see a mammoth phone in their pocket. They look silly using them too. Just get a tablet if you need something that big.

My 5s is the perfect size for my hands, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't enjoy a bigger screen. I had the Galaxy s5 for a week and that screen was amazing! I'll definitely be going for the 4.7, as the 5.5 would be way too big for my hand.

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I believe Apple could make a 4.7" screen I the ~same size body as the current iPhone 5S, it would just have a slightly larger screen. The jump to a 5.5" screen size would obviously require larger physical size but if done properly I think many of is may be surprised that it wasn't as huge as preconceived.
I'll wait until they arrive so I can see them before I decide which one. I'd like but I've wanted larger since the 4/4S.

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I'm looking forward to a larger screen iPhone. I don't care if it's 4.7 or 5.5 inch, I just want a larger iPhone. I'll look at them both and decide. I love iPhone but like the screen of my windows phone. 4.5 inch. It's not much bigger than my 4s, but it is a lot easier to see.

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Lets use the KISS method. Its a phone! Not a laptop! Keep the iphone 5 footprint, if you can make the screen bigger fine. If not i will upgrade to a 5S and keep that as long as humanly possible!

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"Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook is under pressure to reignite Apple’s sales growth and the iPhone." The usual bull crap from the media. I'm getting the 4'7 inch screen. I used to be pretty closed minded regarding the larger screens. However folks with large hands enjoy 5+" screens b

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I've been rocking a Note 2 all this time, waiting for iPhone to upgrade to a usable screen size so I could switch back to Apple, and not only does it fit fine in my pocket it also fits fine in the pockets of friends much shorter than me. Everyone has loved the big screen. 5.5 sounds huge but it's really not as big and unwieldy as you think. And judging by the leaked specs, these phones are going to be even thinner than mine. Even with a case, it won't be any thicker than the original iPhone was. You guys and gals with tight pants will be fine, especially with the 4.7 model... honest.

Agree. After using a Note 3 I can't stand the small and cramped screen of the 5s that I have to use for work.

The real question will be if Apple can out pace the Note 4 which should be releasing near the same time as the new iPhones. It will be an interesting watch to see if Apple can bring really NEW features to a larger form factor iPhone vs. simply making making the current phone larger.

IF apple brings forward a 5.5 inch with shrinked bezels, this note 3 Fandroid will jump ship. 4.7 is too small for me having used a note 2 and note 3.

I would be tempted to get an iPhone with a larger screen, especially with the changes iOS8 is bringing. If implemented right, which we know Apple can do, it might be time to take a break from Android...

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That's if it has a bigger battery if neither 4.7 or 5.5 doesn't have bigger battery, I'm not interested in either one.
Have 5 now and battery sucks big time. With everything turn off. Including mail

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I miss the massive screen I had with the Note 2 (reading, movies, work...) but the overall footprint was to large. Cumbersome to handle even with large hands and a brick in my pocket. No complaints about 5s size but I will upgrade to largest iphone available as long as it's as easy to handle as the 5s.

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I'm not really fun of big phone, actually I would pay $100 extra to get an iphone6 with same screen size as an iphone5:)

I'm glad that they are increasing the screen size. I believe a beautiful UI should be presented on a wider screen. I'm mostly looking forward to the 4"7 inch screen.