Apple's Smart Buying Process Now Live!

Does anyone remember the good old days when you could walk into a Apple store and walk right out with an iPhone that was not opened or activated via an Apple store employee? Well those days are long gone but Apple did make one step in the right direction with their new smart buying process.

This process basically allows you to start the buying process at home instead of doing it all in store. You enter in all of your billing information, review your eligibility and pricing options, and the final step consists of you selecting your AT&T rate plan.

Once you're done, choose your closest Apple Retail Store and let us know when you'd like to come in to complete your purchase.** An Apple Specialist will be ready to help you personalize your new iPhone 3G, make calls, browse the web, receive email, and more.

What is the downside to all of this you ask? Well you still have to go to the store to get your phone... I know... it's a downer. Apple should have made this option available on July 11th, I'm sure it would have cut down on the wait times in all of their stores.

If anyone is in the market for a new iPhone and uses this method on Apple's web site, let us know how it goes!

(Via AppleInsider)

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Reader comments

Apple's Smart Buying Process Now Live!


This is news? This is a "smart" process just like Catbert's advice to the boss was friendly HR policy - "just hurt them less - they'll feel it as a reward."

This is a iPhone website last time I checked no? Everything and anything related to the iPhone. ;)

too bad it doesn't work... Did of yesterday and the employee could pull up the info I entered online... We had to start over - at the beginning...good thing it wasn't too busy.

What if I just want to see how much it would cost if I already have a contract with att? I mean, can I just look to see how much its all going to cost then cancel the checkout? Or will it check out as soon as I put my info in?

Yes, you can check to see if you get the sub. That's what I did. And i'm not about to raise hell with At&t because God knows I deserve a $200 iphone for as much as I've paid those $@%!#$^&

I used Apple's new online process to buy the white iPhone 3G that I'm typing this message on and I gotta say that it was pretty darn cool. Completing the online form was simple and straight forward. I showed up to the Apple store and the personal shopper was able to complete the purchase in about 15mins and I ported my num from another carrier!
Overall I was very satisfied and I am very pleased with my new toy :-).