How to apply BodyGuardz screen protector for iPad [sponsored]

Here I am showing how to apply a BodyGuardz screen protector to your iPad. Why? I don't know about you but for me my iPad screen is 9.7 inches of beautiful, colorful joy and the thought of scratching it fills me with equal parts apprehension and terror. So, in the better safe than sorry department, here's what I did:

  1. Clean my iPad screen thoroughly (I use iKlenz)
  2. Apply the liquid to my fingers
  3. Peel off the screen film and apply liquid to the back
  4. Place the skin carefully on my iPad
  5. Squeegee out excess liquid, carefully blotting to keep it away from water sensors
  6. Press out any remaining bubbles

I use a big squeegee for the initial pass, the supplied smaller one for the details. I also made sure to put my iPad on a non-slip mat first so I don't have to chase it around the table. (Basically what I did for the iPhone screen protector how-to, a little more conservative than Dieter's approach).

We'll be testing BodyGuardz out for durability in the future, and I'll be looking at other skins soon. If you have any tips for applying them, or any questions about them, let me know in comments.

If you want to pick up a BodyGuardz screen protector for iPad, check out the TiPb iPad accessory store.

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How to apply BodyGuardz screen protector for iPad [sponsored]


You can't use the iPad for "12 hours" afterwards because this is the time that the screen protector is drying and sealing itself to the screen. If you use it, there's a chance that it may move around or whatnot.
That's the reason. ;-)

Thanks for sharing. Only 12 hours? I believe our installation of invisibleSHIELD kept the iPad isolated for less than 24 hours. Good thing with BodyGuardz, it's only half of the wait. :)

Actually Pat is right. It is best to wait a little more than 24 hours so you can slide the iPad into it's Micro-fiber case or any casing without worrying the corners to wrinkle up. I like it so much that I'm having back protected as well.

I got the bodyguardz screen protector have had it on. But after about 28 hours the screen is all hazy and doesn't look crisp. Thinking of taking it off. Waste of £20