Apply vintage filters to your photos and share to Instagram with RetroGram for iPhone

RetroGram is a new iPhone app that lets you layer multiple vintage filters onto you photos and share instantly to Instagram. It comes with 12 filters with dozens available as in-app purchases.

What I love about RetroGram is that once you have your photo edited like you want, sharing to Instagram actually takes you out of RetroGram and opens the photo in the Instagram app. This allows you to add an Instagram filter or effect before posting to Instagram. If you have other photography apps installed, you can also open your edited photos in there instead of Instagram.

Designed specifically with Instagram users in mind, RetroGram delivers the most realistic and professional vintage style photo filters available on the app store.

Why settle for 1 filter? RetroGram lets you combine 2 or more filters, to create your own unique pieces of art! Get started right away. RetroGram comes with 12 professional filters pre-installed, and dozens available to download via the app's Retro Market.

  • 12 free filters, designed especially for Instagram fans.
  • A completely unique UI.
  • Share directly on Instagram.
  • Beautifully created and professional photo filters.
  • Filter Market - update weekly with new filters for download.
  • Super easy to use and delivers awesome results.
  • Snap a pic or choose from the camera roll.
  • The definitive retro effects app, photography enthusiast will love to discover.
  • Inspired by old-school Instagram users who love giving their work a vintage look.

RetroGram is available on the iPhone for free.

[App Store link]

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Reader comments

Apply vintage filters to your photos and share to Instagram with RetroGram for iPhone


Sounded pretty cool, but the filters are a bit too over done in my opinion. They are at the point of just looking too corny. The reason I like Instagram is because of how subtle the edits are

Carlos, thanks for your feedback. RetroGram creates an added layer of filters that can be used on top of Instagram filters or independently. Dropico Mobile, the makers of RetroGram developed it based on user feedback from hardcore users who asked for retro and vintage filters.