adds File API, talks "unbundling", gives members 10GB of cloud storage adds File API, expounds on, which pivoted to a Twitter-style service when Twitter began choking out third party client developers, has now taken a bold new step towards what just might be a bigger, unbundled future. And, oh yeah, that future comes with 10GB of cloud storage for members. Dalton Caldwell writes on the blog:

Imagine a world in which your social data (e.g. messages, photos, videos) was easier to work with. For instance, imagine you could try out a new photo sharing service without having to move all of your photos and social graph. In this world, your photos are held in a data store controlled by you. If you want to try out a new service, you can seamlessly login and choose to give permission to that service, and the photos that you have granted access to would be immediately available.

And that storage, part of the new Files API: “member” and “developer” tier accounts now have access to a 10GB bucket of file storage. This storage can be accessed by applications in order to read/write files.

10GB for $36 a year could be compelling, depending on how services tie into it and build on it. Apple's iCloud is free, Dropbox has a ton of buy-in from iOS developers, and Google and Microsoft continue to escalate size and value with Google Drive and SkyDrive.

But none of it is very social, at least not yet. Many of us probably don't need another Twitter. A surprising amount of us might need a better social web service. Something that lets us keep our stuff our stuff while we explore the migration patterns between giant corporations and hungry young upstarts.

This could be interesting.


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Dionte says:

So all my pictures can be saved to the same place, nice.

richard451 says:

jeez. why not just link to pre-existing cloud services? yet-another-cloud storage provider. just what the internet needs.

CORYK333 says:

So they're a cloud storage company now?? WTF???

BP41 says:

What's the purpose of

rusmo says:

It's starting to feel like iMore has a financial incentive to post articles about