App-ocolypse Now: iPhone Fart-App Wars have Begun. Seriously.

In one corner, iFart Mobile and Joel Comm, who are now suing to have a judge rule that "pull my finger" can't be trademarked (honest, we couldn't make this stuff up):

In my app description on iTunes, I have testimonials. One of them is direct from my site,, in which I give the opinion, "Way better than Pull My Finger!" Of course, I have the right to state my opinion, especially one I believe to be true! [...] I also used Twitter to search for people who were discussing any of the competing fart apps and engaged in conversation with them. Air-O-Matic didn't like that. Perhaps they believe they own Twitter and the people using it?

In the other, Pull My Finger and Air-O-Matic, who wants to get paid:

we estimate he cost us about $500K in sales. His app leapfrogged ours immediately after he started doing these things. That happened to be Christmas week. He sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of his app in the next month, in the spot he kicked us off of. We talked to our attorney, and decided to try to end this swiftly by asking for 1/10 of our estimated lost sales, plus attorney fees. $50K is about one week in the top spot in the App Store. We thought that was about right.

In the audience, whole heaps of developers wondering if the App Store is viable in the face of "gaming", and millions of users who chuckle at cheap flatulence rather than voting with their wallets for innovative, world-changing mobile applications.

(via @chockenberry)

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Reader comments

App-ocolypse Now: iPhone Fart-App Wars have Begun. Seriously.


If I want to fart, you know what I do? I fart. I don't go pay money for an app to make my phone fart. It's a phone, not a butt.
I mentioned this somewhere else, but ... where were fart apps on I've never seen Mobile Fart 2007 for Windows Mobile, Symbian, or Blackberry.

Maybe someday Apple will release a separate "Juvenile Store" with games and entertainment. Then the App Store could be just for us adults who want to be productive.

Apple will allow such "crap" as fart apps, but make the Craigslist app eliminate adult content - even as far as foul language in a posting?
I am losing faith in Apple everyday.

You evil man. Now whenever I see that graphic or hear somebody make a Steve Jobs "Boom!" ....I'll assume that's what it sounds like when Jobs farts.

Kick both Apps off the AppStore, and ban future Apps from these developers. Problem solved

I agree, just let the fart apps die. Kick them all off the app store and be done with it.

ROFL, priceless.
Seriously, when Apple first did not allow Pull My Finger, the developer cried and whined and people were booing Apple for being a control freak. See where we are now? trademark a fart? lol

... and by the way... if the word "f@rt" is too offensive for us to reply with, why is it not too offensive for us to read in both the article and headline? :shock:

Yeah, that's weird, as it let Dieter get away with saying fart (did I get away with it there, or is fart bad and farts okay?). Sigh. No automated system is ever truly functional.