Apps for Less: BeeJiveIM, Resco Bubbles, i Fishing, Whack It: For Kids

Today we have a few good apps worth grabbing at discounted prices.

First up is an application everyone should be aware of by now, BeeJiveIM. From Monday, March 2 until Sunday, March 8th you can purchase BeeJiveIM in the app store for the low price of $9.99, which is down from $15.99. Not a shabby deal, grab this one before the sale ends! You won't regret it.

Next we have a app we featured in a Quick App a while back, Resco Bubbles. You can now get Resco Bubbles for only $.99. This game is pretty addicting, well worth a buck!

This next app is in direct competition with another app from the previous Apps for Less. i Fishing is now on sale until March 4th. You can catch yourself this fine fishing app for only $.99! That's $2 off the regular price.

Last but not least, we have one for the kids today. Whack It: For Kids is now 50% off and is available for the low price of $.99. This sale will run for only 3 weeks so be sure to get in on the sale. Your kids will appreciate it.

As always, if your application is going on sale or you've just dropped your price, be sure to let us know and we may include it in the next Apps for Less!


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There are 4 comments. Add yours.

Xm_jdm says:

I am trying to buy this but the iTunes store still shows it at 15.99?

netsyd says:

I dropped the price of gCalWall for the weekend - but I've decided to keep it at 0.99 until the update hits later this week. Thanks!

Jeremy says:

@Jeremy, Beejive sale starts Monday.

Liraz says:

Or, you can always try fring, VOIP & IM client, for free.