Apps for Less: MobileFiles, Zombieville USA, Days of Thunder

This has been a good week so far for cheap apps on the App Store. Here are some of the highlights for the week.

If you are a MobileMe subscriber this first app is definitely one to check out, especially at the low price of FREE. MobileFiles [iTunes Link] is a very nifty app that allows you to access, view, and share files from your iPhone. The file viewing is pretty good, offering support for .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff, .gif, .svg, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .htm, .html, .mht, .txt and .mp3. All files are viewed on the iPhone beautifully and even landscape mode has been included. You can also choose to download these files directly onto your iPhone itself for some easy offline accessibility. Keep in mind this is free only for a limited time so grab it while you can.

This next one happens to be one of my favorite games available for the iPhone, Zombieville USA [iTunes Link]. This one is still on sale for the low price of $.99 but this sale can end at any minute so be sure to get in on this deal. For a quick overview and a brief gameplay video on Zombieville USA, be sure to check out our Quick App from just a few days ago.

Lastly, we have one for all of the NASCAR fans out there. Days of Thunder [iTunes Link] is the first stock car racing game for the iPhone and it's now on sale for a limited time for only $.99! Use your iPhone’s accelerometer to speed your way through six racing circuits, defeat your competition, and win the championship. This is a game any racing fan will appreciate!


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Apps for Less: MobileFiles, Zombieville USA, Days of Thunder


Just want to say, Apps for Less is my favorite feature, ever! It's saved me so much money, and even made a lot of money for developers whose apps I otherwise wouldn't have paid for at full price. Keep em coming!

Great - all the developers need to do now is come up with something useful - most apps are still in the 90's. C'mon dev's do something creative instead of rehashing old cr@p...I'm so tired of pointless shallow apple apps.