Apps for Less: Sygic Mobile Maps US - Turn-By-Turn Voice Guided GPS Navigation


With news of TomTom hitting Apple's App Store it's time to start looking out for great deals from the other GPS apps that are currently available. Today we were notified that one of the most feature filled GPS apps, Sygic Mobile Maps for the US is on sale for a limited time and it's priced to sell - $39.99. [iTunes Link]

We've used Sygic Mobile Maps and it is well worth $39.99 if you are within the United States. The sale ends at the end of this month so be sure to act fast! It contains some very nice features with some of the highlights as followed:

  • Voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • Rotation sensor for automatic switching between landscape/portrait operation in real-time
  • Automatic return to the app and the route after a phone call
  • All important safety features, including lane assistance, speed limit indication, safety cameras, information about railway crossings and dangerous areas
  • Thousands of POIs; among others also a list of parking options nearby for you to select and be guided to selection between car and bicycle modes for optimum route calculation
  • All the maps will be stored on the device, there will be no need to download data on the go, which otherwise costs unnecessary waiting time and money

Screen shots after the break!



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Chris Vitek says:

Just an FYI, I will be reviewing the app within the next week or so. I might also have a promo code or two to give away!

Stephman says:

Well hurry up and review it BEFORE the sale runs out! LOL
Thanks for letting us know.

jtz5 says:

How can TomTom not have turn-by-turn voice navigation? Is that coming and they just quickly released this version to get to market?
Great work, TomTom. All of us who signed up never received notification and now we have no idea if voice is coming.
And $ are high.

ThisBrian says:

Does Sygic let you play music while the app is running? I have G-Map West and it's pretty good but no music while the app is running. Also G-Map doesn't return to maps after a phone call which sucks you have to set your route again.

rdonegan says:

Amen to that! Hard to justify the $100 for the Tom Tom when you can purchase an actual GPS for that price. Always looking for another option.

jtz5 says:

Correction...I meant spoken street names by no voice in above comment.

stattman says:

Guys try copilot as a other cheap alternative. It's not perfect but some updates should sort it lol

rpv says:

Looks like the only reason they dropped the price, cause CoPilot costs 34.99 and has better features, and hopefully more coming soon.

Randal L. Schwartz says:

And for $2, you can get, which offers voice turn-by-turn directions for the entire world, using the OpenStreetMap database (which means if it's wrong, you can fix it yourself within a day).

Vivian Aranha says:

You can get 9 board Games in one app at

Ihaveit says:

I have Sygic NA & it is AMAZING. it let's you play music in the background while guiding you. Has many voices to choose from & recalculates very quickly. Once the gps signal is locked it's rock solid. Sometimes needs a reboot when gps signal isn't locked & they should really have a gps reset button on their app but this one by far is the best out there. I paid $69 for it so at $39 it's a bargain

findthatjob says:

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S.Tsoy Troy says:

I've been using a GPS for several years. Recently it was time to upload more current maps and the brand ( not Garmin ) I was using wanted $80 for the map update. Given the age and technology of the unit I determined that a new GPS would be a better choice. After considerable research I chose the Garmin Nuvi 265WT. I am amazed at the much improved features and functionality of this Garmin. Given the abilities of this unit, its price is fantastic ! Access to the Garmin website allows for personalizing/customizing which makes the Nuvi distinctly yours and use of the website is completely user friendly ( not so much my experience with the previous brand GPS I used ).
So far, the 265wt has proven incredibly accurate and the verbal prompts are so on target that I seldom need to glance at the screen. I couldn't be happier with my Garmin...Quite the upgrade for me !

Shenita Gigler says:

I attempted to subscribe for your rss feed, but had a difficulty adding it to google reader. Could you please look at this.