Apps for Less: TomTom Navigation USA, Super Monkey Ball 2, Wolfram Alpha


Today we have some pretty decent sales going on in the App Store in time for some last minute holiday shopping!

First up we have TomTom North America U.S.A. [iTunes Link], which if you don't mind dropping Canada from your drive can save you some cash -- $49.99. Not too shabby! Again, if you don't care about Canada, grab the US-only version quick as the reduced app is only available until December 31st.

This next one will be painful for some of you as the game was recently released for $10, a whopping $ higher than it currently is being offered... Super Monkey Ball 2 [iTunes Link] is now on sale for only $4.99 - this weekend only!

Finally we have one for all of you math lovers out there, Wolfram Alpha [iTunes Link] is on sale for $19.99. So if you are in need of carrying around an all in one math tool in your pocket and don't want to spend 50 bucks for it's regular price, grab this before the sale ends on December 31st.

If you know of any good deals going on this holiday season be sure mention it in the comments or feel free contact us directly!

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Apps for Less: TomTom Navigation USA, Super Monkey Ball 2, Wolfram Alpha


That tom tom 50% off is nice but I love me some MotionX GPS Drive, I don't need to carry around maps for the whole country on my phone

If you worry about losing connection during your drive just simulate it while your at home on wifi, it will save that route on the phone :-)

This info is a little misleading, which is probably how TomTom wants it.
It's not exactly a price reductions. The original US TomTom is actually US >>and<< Canada. This pricing is for a new USA >>only<< (no Canada) version. The original version, along with the $99.99 price, remains.
Living in Seattle, I take road trips to Canada 2-3 times a year; and would've been disappointed finding this out the hard way, glad I spotted it.

No offense to Rene or any of my other friends up north, but who cares about Canada. Frankly, this is probably what causes me to buy TomTom, since I would NEVER drive in Canada, but I didn't want to pay $99. $49 for US only ... GREAT!!

That's a deal for TomTom. I just wish Navigon would drop that low in price. Navigon is way better than the TomTom app. Better functionality, nicer looking, and more features.

Great site, where did you come up with the info in this blog post? Im pleased I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.