Apps for Less: Topple, Voice Dial, Touch Physics

Well the holidays are right around the corner so why not give our readers one last Apps for Less before the new year.

Now is your chance to grab a very addictive game, Topple [iTunes Link], and you can't complain about the price when it's FREE. This is a limited time offer so be sure to grab it as soon as possible.

How many of you still require hands free voice dialing? Well if Apple will not give you what you want, you always have the 3rd party developers! Enter Voice Dial... [iTunes Link] It may not be 100% perfect, but it's better than what you have already no?

Next up is a little app called Touch Physics. What is the goal of this game you ask? Simply to get the ball from the start to the star. To do this you will need to construct different objects on each level by drawing with your finger and everything is based on real physics. Worth a try, especially for $.99.

Enjoy these great savings!

Note to Developers: Are you a developer and have any apps in the App Store going on sale or that you simply think is a great deal? Contact us and let us know to include it in a future Apps for Less!

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Apps for Less: Topple, Voice Dial, Touch Physics


To use the Voice Dial app when driving, you still have to push the home button, slide to unlock, then launch the app. That's three touches to the phone before moving it up to your face to speak into it. Then you often have to move the phone away from your face to view the choices of results if the app isn't sure (or even just to confirm it's calling the correct person). Then a fourth touch to choose from the results (if necessary), before having to move the phone back up to your face again.
I'd rather continue using the Contacts app at traffic lights, but that's just me. Usually five to six quick touches and no moving the phone back and fourth.

LMAO good point. If it's in your favorites then it's just a double click of the home button and tap your choice. Done. The google mobile app searches your contacts too and all you have to do is raise it to your ear, one less tap.

I now spend much more time at night with touch physics then I ever did in the app store.
It's very addicting and makes you feel that you're exercising your brain

Sigh. I finished Touch Physics too quickly! I accidentally discovered I could overwhelm it with rapid displacements and bully the poor ball to the star in almost every level :(