Archangel promises dungeon crawling action on iOS

Archangel promises dungeon crawling action on iOS

Black Tower Studios and Unity Games - the publishing arm of developer tool maker Unity - have released Archangel, a new dungeon crawler=style action game for iOS. It debuted on the App Store today.

The game draws its themes and inspiration from biblical sources. As an archangel you are tasked with stopping evil in its tracks, meting out justice against those working against Heaven's rule. To that end, you can go hand-to-hand or use spells against your foes through 30 levels of action. Collect more than 100 items and acquire new spells and abilities. You can boost the archangel's armor and weapons using wagering at the end of each level, but be careful, because you risk losing it all.

The game features leaderboards hosted via Game Center and will save its state automatically to iCloud so you can continue later or on another device.

Are you a fan of dungeon crawlers? Does this one interest you? Sound off in the comments!

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Archangel promises dungeon crawling action on iOS


There is IAP, according to the App Store entry. I haven't checked it out yet, so I don't know how onerous it is. I plan to, though. I'll come back with a full review when I can.

I just checked it out myself. The only listed IAP are a bunch of coins for 99 cents. Looks like it's just a currency boost, which isn't too annoying. Reviews have been mixed between it being a great dungeon crawler, with some folks saying its too linear and repetitive. I might take a chance and check it out when I get some time. I love good dungeon crawlers.

My disenchantment with Diablo III is that it became too repetitive w/out worthwhile loot drops.
Archangel certainly looks good.
The AI doesn't seem to be as aggressive as Diablo III, but fine enough.

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