Become an archer with SplitApple for iPhone and iPad

MKO Games has update their iPhone and iPad archer game, SplitApple.

SplitApple is a fun and beautiful archery game on iPhone / iPad. With beautiful and running smooth graphics, the game reproduces the feelings of archery.

There are 4 different game modes:

  • Challenge: do your best score in this mode mixing all kind of targets and distances.
  • Time Trial: perform the best possible score in a minute only: be quick and accurate!
  • Survival: start with 10 arrows. Get extra arrows with good shots. How far will you go?
  • Practice: improve your skills on this training target: adjust the distance and the wind.

Update includes:

  • Popping Targets: do you have what it takes to shoot at these new targets?
  • A new Challenge Mode even more complete.
  • New achievements to unlock.

The graphics in SplitApple are amazing and are enough to get me hooked to this game. The games runs smoothly and has fun gameplay. This is also a great game to show off gaming on your iPhone or iPad because anyone can pick it up and intuitively try it out.

SplitApple is available for iPhone, or as a universal app for both iPhone and iPad and priced at $0.99 and $2.99, respectively. Screenshots and video after the break.

[iPhone iTunes link] [Universal iTunes link]

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There are 10 comments. Add yours.

Rahatmaini says:

Looks a lot like Wii Sports Resort Archery

wsm23 says:

This is actually a pretty cool game, nice graphics too!

tada1096 says:

just wondering if i buy the ipad one, do i get the iphone one too, or do i have to buy both?

Gorila says:

@Duray3 Yes, if you buy the game named "SplitApple" you will have the universal version that will run on both your iPhone and iPad :)

robertk328 says:

going to have to try this one! The video does a nice job selling it :-)

msh441 says:

Yep, looks a LOT like both of the Wii archery minigames I've played.
That said, I love both those games, and this looks really fun, too.
I'll probably buy it.

Warbravos says:

Fun game! But very, very difficult to control.

Brasu4 says:

Fantastic game! I love it!