Is iOS 7.1 worth giving up your jailbreak for?

iOS 7.1 brings a few new features, some great accessibility updates, and some much needed bug fixes to the iPhone and iPad. If you want it, however, you're going to have to give up your jailbreak to get it. That's because, unlike iOS 7.0.x, iOS 7.1 has been jailbroken yet and, as is increasingly the case, there's no word yet on when or how long it'll be until iOS 7.1 is jailbroken. So, is iOS 7.1 enough of an improvement that you'd be willing to give up your tweaks, customizations, and jailbreak apps?

Seems like i'd be giving up a lot and gaining very little.sheailewis1, iMore Forums Member

It's a question that arises with almost every new update that might possibly cause a disturbance in the jailbreaking force and it's a great topic of conversation in the iMore Forums right now, where folks are deciding if the update is worth the loss.

I left the jailbreak. It just wasn't as stable as I'd like it to be.yzjustdatguy, iMore Forums Member

The verdict is still out on what the general consensus might be but feel free to add your thoughts on it all in the forums or in the comments. Given the amount of time some folks waited to be able to jailbreak their devices again, it's always interesting to see who gets tempted to start the process all over again.

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Jay Mobile says:

With my JB I have discovered and fell in love with VideoPane which allows me to watch a video and take notes at the same time, that is really the only reason that I JB. iOS 7.1 has not added enough for me to want to lose it(my JB). Its funny because I have gone without a JB for so long I literally did it the day before iOS 7.1 was released for the app mentioned above and am happy that I did.

Viseir says:

I did the opposite. I've had a jailbreak since iOS 4, only for cosmetic changes and a few little tweaks. So after upgrading my 5s to IOS 7.1 it almost felt like a new jailbreak in a weird way. I like how the UI feels snappy and responsive and the only thing I miss about my jailbreak is how I made the icons smaller and the Cydia 3Gunrestrictor app. But no regrets so far.

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NEO2126 says:

Can you specify what Control Center toggles you have access to on 7.1? That is more than 60% of my reason for jailbreak right there.

Koa Graham says:

No it is not. The jailbreak is better with any tweaks and themes you like than having a few icons duller and a couple of minor changes including car-play which isn't even with all cars yet!

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Connor Mason says:

Well, ANY cars. By the time carplay is widespread, we'll be at iOS 9 unless you have boatloads of money and buy new cars off the lot, you won't be seeing carplay soon. Jailbreak!

ThatsAwesome says:

When can Control center have Cellular Data Toggle? That will be the day I will stop jailbreaking my device.

ObnoxiousTF2 says:

It does! (as of iOS 7)
Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data (Swipe off)

Juan Doe says:

He meant not having to go through all the way to Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data every single time you need to turn on/off cellular data. Cydia's CCSettings helps us JBers add a couple more options to the Control Center.

Riste Kocev1 says:

I use this service to Jailbreak iOS 7.1 for my iPhone 5 This service work very good.

ohohkhimee says:

I feel like the battery drains faster with 7.1.

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XavierMatt says:

Lol I did at first also.

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romeo0569 says:

personally, I use the jailbreak for some minor tweaks on my 5S such as StatusHUD (removed volume hud and replaces it with dots in the status bar), MessagesCustomizer, NoSpot, CustomLS and most important of all, MOVIEBOX on my iPad Air which i use to stream (or download) all my tv shows and movies and also lets me Airplay to my apple TV. I wouldn't care if iOS 10 was out, i would NOT risk losing my jailbreak. Just for MovieBox alone. Thats just me. Have a good night all :)

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rpun13 says:

Agreed MOVIEBOX is worth jailbreak and my first born LOL there is no service that is better.

Prejith Jayakumar says:

Seriously there is no app that replaces MOVIEBOX..

Mrdevali says:

Not breaking the jailbreak, not yet... bitesms for me.

lcerny says:

Agreed. BiteSMS and its quick reply is the point.
If Apple will give me such feature + allow choose which settings can be controled via Control Center, I will stop JB.

Ryan Oneill says:

Hell no I find iphone unbearable without jailbreak

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DACNET says:

Think I'm going to stick with my JB. At this moment the update is not worth losing all my tweaks.

zizou_1991 says:

Not giving up my JB yet. iOS 7.1 didn't bring what i was expecting. Apple could've just named 7.0.7 or something because in my humble opinion. its a minor update.

DBellinger says:

It was worth it for me. While I LOVE BiteSMS and MyWi and others, 7.0.x was just too unstable. Crashes at lease twice a day. TouchID worked about 40% of the time for me. I had friends who had much greater success so it may make sense for some. But not for me. TouchID is flawless now (well it's at 90-95% accurate) and little to no crashes.

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rafaelz says:

There is a tweak (I really can't remember the name) that increases the speed of the animations, so the system feels more like 7.1.

romeo0569 says:

its called NoSlowAnimations! I would never be able to go back to the normal speed of the animations. Best tweak ever!

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Joshua Massre says:

I could give up my jailbreak without any problem. I won't be too sad if I have to restore and lose my jailbreak. BUT, I do like having F.lux and Google Voice integration. Both of those are extremely nice to have.

norulesjustgo says:

I gave up my Jailbreak. Having an iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.x was too unstable for me. It didn't matter what tweak I had installed, my phone was just too slow. Now since upgrading to iOS 7.1, I no longer have any lagging.

Didier Ouzaid says:

Does ios 7.1 give the opportunity to use Chrome by default?
Does ios 7.1 give me what BiteSMS gives me?
Does ios allow me to really configure Control Center?

Jailbreak it is, then. The only three remaining reasons. I uninstalled all other tweaks. The rest of my system (programs, apps, games etc.) is Apple-sanctioned in the AppleStore. As a matter of fact, BiteSMS alone would justify the JB to me. It wouldnt take Apple much, now, would it?

nottooloud says:

Last week under 7.0.6 my i4s crashed for the first time that I can remember. I hadn't even gotten around to jailbreaking it. On to 7.1.

My Mini is staying on 7.0.6 jailbroken for now so I can run wififofum.

rayz336 says:

Until we get something similar to Activator and BiteSMS on the stock version of iOS, I'll be keeping my jailbreak.

tool022611 says:

I left my jailbreak after the 7.0.6 update. After updating the jailbreak I was having problems non stop with the jailbreak itself. It was great before the 7.0.6 update but after, using any tweaks would constantly restart my phone to safe mode, constant glitches with winter board. I will give it another shot when 7.1 compatibility is available.

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mikehuntertz says:

If the features in 7.1 are worth giving up your JB then you really didn't have a reason to jailbreak 7.0 - 7.0.6.

Jeanie Kilgour says:

If iOS 7.1 isn't jailbroken in the fairly near future, it will probably be too late for me. The increasingly buggy iOS updates, combined with more and more loss of customization, is forcing this 25Year+ Mac user to consider going Android all the way!

wbeard385 says:

I'll agree with jailbreaking for customization there some awesome tweaks available as far as android goes I tried twice their customization isn't all that and neither the Samsungs I had made it beyond 15 months. The random shutdowns and reboots started after 12 months and escalated from there.

wbeard385 says:

Either way I hope it works out for you.

wbeard385 says:

iPhone 5 no jailbreak running 7.1/iPad 4 jailbroken. I think I'm giving up my jailbreak. Myself I'm very satisfied with 7.1 on phone but that's just me.

macguy59 says:

Not for me. Breaks like MyWi 7, NoSlowAnimations, DockShift & NowNow still far outweigh what 7.1 brings to the table

willBlight says:

Don't forget CameraTweak 2! My all time favorite. It boosts the camera capabilities to the max

Crayolaboi says:

Still running 6.1 with jailbreak. Love all my tweaks and my theme. Just never seen a reason to upgrade yet. IP5 is still snappy and battery of a beast.

anonzpolski says:

Hi guys ... I have jailbroken my iphone 5s and ipad air because I found new evasi0n version :D

Jailbreak for iOS 7.1 is available! just that go to:

Jeanie Kilgour says:

Is this for real? I'm kind of hesitant when I have to fill out info/take advantage of offers before a download. :o

Angelina Hotz says:


you save my life because my brother I accidentally updated to ios 7.1

and I could do the jailbreak on my iphone 5s white with ios 7.1

thanks! :)

Jeanie Kilgour says:

Were you able to get the download? I decided to try it and couldn't get it to download even though I took a survey! Is this spam or phishing?

pegasusl says:

I actually have had my i-"Devices" since iOS 3.x and have always stayed "stock". I only did my first JB with iOS 7.0.x as I really didn't like the new look of iOS7 and wanted a iOS6 theme.

I took the plunge and my phone stayed stable! :-) So I looked at a few tweeks (not too many) but now I couldn't go back....

I love the following ....

Deciding what toggles and launchers I can put in Control Center

BiteSMS is 1,000,000 % better than the native messages app

...and I love the "Remote Messages" app as I now dock my phone as my desk clock but can simply type my texts and iMessages from my PC as I work through my web browser! Saves me LOADS of time when I'm at my desk.

iOS7.1 looks like an improvement but not enough that I want to give up what I have just discovered as my JB iPhone makes my life so much easier.

SockRolid says:

"... as my JB iPhone makes my life so much easier."

Dude. Put down the iPhone. Try and detach for just a second. A minute even.

There. See? Life isn't all about "tweaks" and "configuring" and saving time.

pegasusl says:

Ha ha... you're right of course :-)

Perhaps not the best choice of words, you're right there is a life out there without tweeks, but it's certainly easier than it was from the phone point of view. I seem to have got more done at my desk with fewer distractions in less time, and have spent more time with my family . Not ALL down to the phone but it has helped that I didn't feel distracted with the messaging (even if most of them were work)

Dont see a reason to lose that now, and besides, I'm like a kid with a new toy as it's all a bit new! It's put the fun back into the phone.

Redfern96 says:

7.1 is so much faster and smoother for me, happy with it, the only thing I miss is Movie Box.

romeo0569 says:

I don't understand why any human would risk losing's a gift sent from the heavens. My condolences to your device..

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tenspeed78 says:

The performance of my iPhone 4 is so much better. Jail break tweaks were fun but I would take the performance improvements over cosmetic changes anyday

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Ali365Dash says:

My Cydia broke the day I jailbroke it, without any apps at all. What's the point in staying jailbroken? There's no way I'm not staying at iOS 7.0.6 just because I've got a useless app. (It wasn't useless before...)

Juan Doe says:

I personally would still want a JB for 7.1

I refuse to let go off my Appsync, Appcake and 3G Unrestrictor since i mostly play MMOs and whatever 'free' apps i can get my hands in to.

JenPate says:

Some of the above comment ^_^ priceless.
Maybe someone could list pros and cons for each and we could itemise the review ourselves!?