Are you jealous of BlackBerry 10? [Poll]

Are you jealous of BlackBerry 10? [Poll]

Our friends over at CrackBerry highlighted a forum thread today where a BlackBerry 10 user claimed their iPhone-totting friends were jealous of all the shiny new features that phone had to offer. I've been using a BlackBerry Z10 for over a month now, and while I like a lot of the ideas BlackBerry is testing out in their new OS, I'm not in the least bit inclined to switch over yet, and I'm not sure jealousy has reared its ugly head even once.

The gesture navigation, even if less discoverable, is great once you get the hang of it, as are features like peek, where you can glimpse messages without transitioning completely into them, and the hub where all communications are aggregated. It really does feel like webOS all grown up, now sporting a suit and a tie. But there are still the types of quirks you'd expect to find in any new operating system, which need smoothing out and polishing up, and not only are a lot of major apps still missing, I can't find any of the apps I use every day on any platform outside iOS (looking at you Twitterrific, Tweetbot, Launch Center Pro, Fantastical, Drafts, Elements, etc.)

But I'm curious, if you've had a chance to see or try out BlackBerry 10, have you felt the least bit jealous? iOS is now the oldest platform in mobile, and BlackBerry 10 the newest, does that tempt you in any way? Or are you too busy enjoying what's still the best interface, app, and content experience to have even noticed BB10 yet?

Vote in the poll up top and let me know the details in the comments below!

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Are you jealous of BlackBerry 10? [Poll]


Better not let them try the new paranoid android ROM, then.. their heads would explode... and it's so easy to share a video if it happening...

I was totally a CrackBerry addict utilizing several versions of BlackBerry devices for several years. In December, I bought an iPhone 5. I now have an iPad2 and a MacBook Pro. All three devices stay in sync whenever I make a change on my Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, Notes, etc. I'm too locked in to the Mac World to consider making a change.

I don't really know what it offers, but I do know it makes iOS look like it's from the 1500's, hopefully iOS 7 is a lot more than a new coat of paint and a deep and intensive overhaul to bring it into the current millennium.

On that note, it would be interesting to see a write up showing it's new features, and maybe a video of them in action, can you even buy a BB10 device yet?

Head over to crackberry, there are more videos and tutorials over there than you probably have time to watch. Z10 is available in US, Q10 is available in England and Canada I believe no US yet.

I use a BlackBerry Z10 atm, and I think its more curiousity than jealousy tbh. A lot of people I know are perfectly contented with their iPhones, or Android. Of course when there are new devices people will be interested. When they see my Z10 they would ask how it is, ask to play with it, etc.

I would be curious if in the future one of my friends buys an Ubuntu, Sailfish, or Tizen device too, and I would definitely ask to play with it. But jealous? nah, not when I haven't even used it myself. Same logic i guess would apply to BB10. My friends are interested, curious, but definitely not jealous. lol.

Anyway, jealous is a strong word to use for just a mobile device. Anyway, if they wanted one, iPhones has a better resale value so they could always just trade for one. I'm not going to vote since it doesn't really applies to me as I have phones from all 4 major platform atm. :P

I answered kinda. Because some of the webOS features are nice, and I miss those from my Pre.

I picked a black iPhone 5 on Mar 14th 2013. While I was in the process of buying it, I thought of buying a Z10 for a while but when I took it in hands and took a feel, I was pretty sure which phone I need to buy :) nothing beats iPhone 5

I take what they write on Crackberry with a grain of salt, they will dis Apple in their posts, meanwhile, we know the writers(Kevin, Bla1ze etc.) have been using iPhones and iPads behind the scenes forever. They just write stuff to stir it up, it's their way of bringing traffic.

They haven't used other phones behind the scenes since the Z10 was released. And all the editors of all the mobile nations sites are using other phones behind the scenes too, in case you missed it, Rene has been toting around a Z10 for a month. You can't compare apples and oranges if you don't eat both.

The CrackBerry of today is no longer the CrackBerry that I joined back in the day. Now, if you have a legitimate complaint about BB10, the response is one or more of the following:

1) "You're just too lazy/stupid/ignorant to learn a new OS"
2) This is the newest most advanced OS (and with this response, they usually feel compelled to throw in something like 'iOS is the oldest, most non-innovative')
3) This a new OS 'built from the ground up'...of course it's going to have bugs, so just shut up and accept them
4) All of that is going to be fixed in the next update...which is coming really, we mean it this time. No, BBRY didn't actually tell us what the next update will bring. No, this isn't the Storm 1, Storm 2, or PlayBook all over again; BB10 has a totally different name.

I swore I'd quit going over to those forums, but golly, it's like an awful train just can't help but gawk. And a funny thing I've noticed, the posts with the most misspelled words and grammar errors are usually signed "Sent from the CB10 app"...I thought the keyboard was supposed to be amazing.

I was jealous at first. So much so, I actually went and picked up a Verizon Z10 off contract... it only took 4 days of reboots and a HORRIBLE voice "assistant" to go back to the iPhone. I know others might not use Siri, but I use her daily to call people, reply to texts, and set appointments. BB10's voice assistant needs a LOT of work.

There are some good things about Blackberry 10 (battery life, hub/peek feature, multitasking [ahem]), but there is some really puzzling stuff too. I dont understand why BB10 decided to have only 30 day email, no battery percentage, or kept the traditional profiles... I think they have a good product, but it needs some work before I will be jealous again.

130k plus apps less than 6 months after launch. So the 'no 3rd party app support' doesnt make an argument. More than what iOS started with or even other platforms. And u really believe you cant find an app for what you need in those 130k plus apps? If you find the gestures quirky then thats your opinion but most people who have given it a fair shot love the gestures. I use all major platforms currently including iOS, Android, WP8 and BB10. I think iOS has a great lead on polish, ease of use, maturity and apps. However it needs to catch up on innovation. Android has pretty much caught up on Apps but slightly behind on quality and feel and much much further ahead in multitasking, customization and novelty features. WP8 is very polished and smooth but not meant for a power user since its lagging behind in apps and the OS itself is quite limiting. BB10 is new, very interesting, easy to use, polished yet with bugs, has good momentum with apps and a great tool for communication.

I like the look and feel of the hardware. The virtual keyboard was a little easier for me to use than that of my iPhone 5 but other than that there was no desire for the thing. I was a Blackberry person before it was even a phone and when I went to the iPhone back in the 3GS days I've never looked back. I have had Androids for work and still looking for one that I would be willing to go to from an iPhone and the HTC One is the closest but yet I still have an iPhone. I am locked into the Apple Eco System with an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and a MacBook Pro with iTunes and iCloud. Sure iCloud needs some work and more features but I was Mobile Me user and I can tell you, there is no other company even close to having the entire package like Apple.

There is no denying that the Z10 is a solid built phone for Blackberry. Also, there is no denying that the S4 is a flashy phone with all the bells and whistles. With that, ff I could pull all the features from the Z10, S4, and iPhone into one phone I would still buy the iPhone solely on hardware design.

Some things BlackBerry 10 does better than iOS and any other platform. Somethings iOS does better than BB10 or any other platform. There are things to be jealous of everywhere!

I think the only reason a person using iOS would be jealous of BB10 would be if they miss the physical keyboard and do a lot of typing for work or just in general. Other than that I use both on a daily basis and I dont see the reason for one to be jealous of the other.

Good FrIends don't need to be an *** of friends poor decisions ... You should so adopt those 23 cats, that is a great pc or of course, your $300 blackberry purchase was the right move

Jealous?!? Not one bit. Intrigued about the OS? Yes. I think that BB has gotten a good start on their BB10 OS at least from the videos that I've seen. Instead of comparing OSes to determine which one is better we need to realize that's a question that will never in my opinion be answered. And the reason for this is because not all users are alike. I prefer iOS because it works for me right now. It's not the best for everyone but it is for me at the moment. I like all of them but I wouldn't trash one just cause it doesn't suit me in the way iOS does.

I've had an iPhone 5 (jailbroken) since launch day and picked up a Z10 about a month ago as a work phone. I was a BB user for several years until I switched to the 4s after having an iPad 2 for about six months. I could sit down and write a whole "lay-person" comparison review about both devices. In a nutshell, I love the swipe gestures but that cannot get me past the absence of apps. I have been able to make due using thinks like Google Voice in the browser or side loading android apps like Evernote and Pintrest. However, many sideloaded Android apps just did not work right like Netflix and Google Voice. The stock Facebook and Twitter apps are piss poor but I have found the Twitter app Blaq to be awesome and would pit it against Tweetbot any day. I almost returned it to see how life with a phablet is by trying a Galaxy Note 2 before my 14 days were up. But I didn't so I guess for better or worse, am committed to it. I am anxious to see where the next six months go with the Z10 but I won't be shelving my iPhone any time soon.

I had a webos phone. Worst phone experience i've ever had. If it's webos grown up it's nothing want anything to do with.

As for jealous. No. Blackberry 10 is like the girl in highschool that like you that you don't even know exists.

I just hope...BB and other platform put enough pressure on Apple to force them to start innovating again and bring some awesome features that make Apple truly unique.

A few of my co-workers have the z10 and it seems to be an awesome device however, I left BB 3 years ago because of the issues with the os and have little desire to go back. Yes, I know bb10 is a new OS but from what I have been told so far from co-workers is that it's gonna take some time before there are updates to address the "quirkiness". I use that term since some crackberry addicts take offense to the word "bugs" when talking about this new OS. Overall I think it's a stylish design and many will be happy to get this long awaited device and even more are anticipating the arrival of the Q10.

Oh good, a poll. I'm sure crackberry won't try and troll this one like they do every other online poll :/