Are you joining the new OS X beta program?

Apple dropped a bombshell earlier this week by announcing a public beta program for OS X users to get in on. Previously only registered, paid up Mac developers were afforded this privilege but now Apple has flung the doors open and allowed anyone to join up. So, are you joining the new OS X beta program?

On the face of it, it's really exciting. Normallly you're required to pay for the privilege of seeing the new stuff, and Apple hasn't before given us this kind of opportunity free of charge. So why wouldn't you want to join up?

Our own Peter Cohen has explained 5 reasons why it might not be the best idea, too. Not least because beta software isn't ready for the primetime by its very nature, so you should tread with caution before you install on your everyday machine.

So, have you thought about joining up? Drop a vote up top and leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Are you joining the new OS X beta program?


Already installed it on my MacBook Pro. Quite stable. Doesn't feel like a beta much- only had like 1 small bug, which was during first time boot into desktop.

I'm rather leary about doing so as I have one Mac. If I had a second that wasn't critical to me, I'd be all over it.

Took the leap of faith (main computer) and so far it's very stable! I was expecting something along the lines of iOS beta-bugginess but honestly I forget that I even have a beta installed. AND it seems to have fixed a lot of the bugs that I was facing with iTunes, Safari and the sort. I'm enjoying it!

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I signed in, read the agreement, declined.
Let me know when I can get 10.10 beta, then maybe I'll create a second boot partition / put it on another drive.

Honestly I love beta programs, and I try to get in to a lot of alpha and beta tests for games and apps, but for my MBP, no. I bought my MBP for its stability, same as my iPhone. I have my Nexus 5 and gaming PCs to mess with, I need my iPhone and Mac to work and be dependable.

i just tried to join and it brings me to a page that says " Hmm, the page you’re looking for can’t be found."
Anyone have any luck today?

i feel very unspecial because for a good year i had my system rigged so i could receive beta software and now every is just like me. At least i still have iOS dev prog. for now. lol. ;) Seriously though, if you have a genuine curiosity about new and or updated software features than do it, but if not then don't bother. Sometimes they ruin a good release for about a week, then fix it again. lol. Personally i love watching the iterations of the OS. And sometimes like this releases' case, they sped up safari and the os ui so it's super fast on my Haswell Air. This may take a month or more to come to the public and sometimes it doesn't even come. So... if you're a nerd or curious then sure but otherwise don't bother. :)

I got it installed mostly for the display scaling support when I hook it into my 4k monitor (Dell UP2414Q). Looks amazing now and is very much usable. It is retina using it with the laptop display, and now with my monitor display!

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It's not for me - for now. I don't currently have the time nor need to evaluate upcoming features nor to test them. Maybe some year I'll find the time - and the need :)

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Would not mind, but have music programs that will most likely not work with any beta. I can not tell you how many times on music forums you see people complaining about the lack of their program not working well with a MacBook Pro, or many error problems. We always say, do not upgrade you software until you know your music/DAW software is compatible. That usually means an update of the music software, then you can update.