Are you using BBM Channels or BBM Voice on BBM for iOS?

Instant messaging (IM) is white-hot right now. The latest update to BBM for iOS added features like BBM Voice that allows you to make and receive calls to other BBM users and BBM Channels that lets you create and follow mini blog of sorts for your favorite personalities, products and more. In the iMore Forums, there has been folks creating groups, sharing their PINS and actively using BBM since BBM was released for iOS but when it comes to BBM Channels there hasn't been a whole lot of conversation. BlackBerry recently announced that big brands have been adopting BBM Channels and from my own personal experience, I know that a lot of channels that already exist are openly welcoming iOS and Android users into the space but is anyone on iOS actually using BBM Channels?

And what about BBM Voice? In the world where Skype, Facetime and more exist has anyone actually put BBM Voice to work on iOS? From my own experience I know that the quality of BBM Voice is great but there's certainly a barrier of entry there in the fact that you have to be willing to actually give it a go in order to experience it. Not only that, you have to convince someone else to give it a go as well as you can only call other BBM Voice users.

Have you set up a BBM Channel? If so, swing by the iMore Forums and share your PIN and let us know whether or not you're liking the service. If you've not set one up, let us know in the comments why. Same for BBM Voice, have you given it a go? If so, let us know what you thought of it. If not, what's your reason for not having tried it? We're curious to see how many people have actually given these new additions a go.

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Are you using BBM Channels or BBM Voice on BBM for iOS?


Hey everyone, Please check out my Channel Whudisit... It's a game i have on bbm channels where I put everyday items under the microscope, and you try and guess what it is. my channel pin is C0012287C or search Whudisit.

Thank you in advance, and welcome to BBM channels

My brother has BBM on his iPhone and I used BBM Voice to call him on it the other day when I saw he was available via the Green call icon in the chat screen I called him from my Z30 and had him on speaker. Call quality amazed me.

I had one iPhone caller so far....very good sound quality. We were both on WiFi at the time.

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Channels would have been better and would have taken off faster if you didn't have to create a separate Channel. Why not left me update my profile with pictures and post, etc., together with the pin I already own. One pin for channels and private bbm chat

Haven't really use any of them yet but bbm sounds cool to call your bbm contacts over bbm I think it's amazing.. All it needs now is to have video chat

I use BBM Voice with everyone I can convince to set up and use, I enjoy all aspects of BBM and have yet to have an issue with it. I subscribe to BBM Channels but have no reason to make one of my own.

Not today, maybe tomorrow if Blackberry:
- creates native app for OS X (cocoa, not a crappy webapp)
- synchronises messages between multiple devices (including several phones)
- improves iOS interface by recruiting real iOS coder (e.g. space between keyboard and text field when you hide/show keyboard, improve screen transitions, more flat version for iOS7, etc.)

I want to use BBM more but I just can't seem to get more of my friends and family on board with it. I let my blackberry go over three years ago and BBM is about the only thing I have missed. Most, if not all of my family and friends have smartphones but whenever I ask the the answer is always the same: " I'll just text." My only other desire with BBM is for it to expand to the desk top and get away from the need to sign in and out when you change devices. My wife and I text a lot but iMessage fills the void so much better than BBM because we can move the conversation between our iPhones, iPads, and Macs. I'm up and down all day at work so this is a must for messaging for me. All of this could also open up using voice too.

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