Talking with Arrayent at #CESlive: Connecting your home's appliances to the internet

Arrayent is at CES this year, showing off their work on internet-connected appliances. Arrayent specializes in software and tools designed to connect your household appliances, traditionally unconnected items, to the internet. The company partners with manufacturers make connected washers and dryers, smoke alarms, garage door openers, and more. Companies such as Whirlpool, Maytag, and First Alert all use Arrayent's tools when making their products. Check out the video for Georgia's interview with Arrayent CEO Shane Dyer.

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Joseph Keller

News Writer for Mobile Nations. Fascinated by the ways that technology connects us.

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Talking with Arrayent at #CESlive: Connecting your home's appliances to the internet


That's some cool technology. Over the next few years everything will be operated by our phones!

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Great coverage by the iMore team at CES ...

Any chance of a review of the 34 inch cinema displays. Know, LG has one at the show, is Dell showing theirs?


John Malloy

This is really awesome tech, but I'd be more interested if my alarm company offered services like this as a more integrated environment.

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I like the one where you can close your garage door via your phone. Now, no more beating yourself up thinking whether you closed the garage door or not.