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Art Levinson, Chairman of the Board at Apple, talks about life at Apple after Steve Jobs

Art Levinson, Chairman of the Board at Apple, talks about life at Apple after Steve Jobs

The chairman of Apple’s board, Art Levinson, spoke to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business on Tuesday, about a wide range of topics, including life at Apple after the death of Steve Jobs, and the role of Apple’s board in developing products. Levinson joined Apple’s board in 2000 and was said to be a close friend of Jobs, taking over the role of Chairman of the Board in November 2011, following the passing of Jobs the previous October. He said that Jobs’ absence is still felt more than a year after his death. Levinson spoke about his long-time friend, with CNNMoney quoting him as saying:

"I'm still not to the point where I walk into that boardroom and don't miss Steve," said Levinson, who finally started but has so far failed to finish reading Jobs's biography. "He was a one of a kind guy ... The Steve Jobs that was in the public eye was not, for the most part, the Steve Jobs that I knew."

On the subject about the board’s role in product development, Levinson said that the board plays a very minimal role, perferring to stay out of Apple’s way, though new products are presented to the board between 6 and 18 months before launch. Levinson indicated that board input is considered if they are shown something far enough in advance. However, the board, according to Levinson, mostly exists as a resource, emphasising that Apple’s board does not wish to interfere with how Apple makes products.

Source: CNNMoney

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Art Levinson, Chairman of the Board at Apple, talks about life at Apple after Steve Jobs