ASUS Cube Google TV box comes with some limited AirPlay functionality

The ASUS Cube is the latest Android powered set-top box to be released to market. Our sister site Android Central recently reviewed the Cube, and determined that it's the one to buy if you ever thought about getting into Google TV. In some areas Google TV out-features Apple TV, but all in, the experience isn't quite as polished. So, why are we interested? Turns out the Cube has a little party trick -- AirPlay. Sort of.

The functionality has been discovered by the folks at GTVSource during their own playtime with the Cube. As it turns out, you're able to mirror video content from an iOS device to the Cube. It doesn't seem to work with images or music, but it's still pretty impressive nonetheless. Nothing had been added to the Cube, just a factory fresh, ordinary box.

The reason behind it seems to be that the software on the Cube is based on something called ViMu Player. This software provides a limited AirPlay experience, and as it's been built on for the Cube, the same features are still there. This isn't going to replace anyone's Apple TV anytime soon, but it's still pretty cool to see. If anyone out there actually did pick up an ASUS Cube, give it a try, and be sure to tell us how it went.

Source: GTVSource

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ASUS Cube Google TV box comes with some limited AirPlay functionality


"By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded."
- Eric Schmidt, December 2011

Wrong, Eric.

No URLs allowed in comments, but here are a few headlines to search for:
"QOTD: Google TV Sales Worse Than Nonexistent" - AllThingsD
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"Google TV Falls 72% Short on First Quarter Sales" - SEJ
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Glasshole? Is that the term used to refer to idiots that whine about new, innovative products because they personally don't like them?

#Glasshole is already a Twitter meme of sorts.
Only a matter of time before it becomes a household word.

FYI: it refers to jerks who look right through other people as though they weren't there. Because they're mesmerized by Google adspam right in front of their faces.