Atari set to release its own joystick base for iPad

Hidden within the recent update to Atari’s Greatest Hits app is a rather tasty snippet of information. It points to an Atari branded joystick add-on for the iPad. The joystick and base is set to be called the Arcade-Duo and has a retro arcade type red balled joystick and four buttons.

Relive the fast-action excitement of all your arcade favorites, like Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command. Simply connect your iPad to Atari's Greatest Hits app for Duo, and you're ready to share the fun with family and friends anywhere!

It appears to be a similar concept to the iCade although that does have a retro arcade cabinet too. Looking at the two designs this one may come in at a much more favorable price than the $99 iCade. The only availability information is that it is "coming soon".

These type of accessories only work with certain games which makes them very limited. I would welcome a solution for an Apple supported system; that way all developers could get on-board and offer support for the majority of suitable games! Would you use a joystick system if more games were supported or do you think the on screen controls are good enough for gaming?

[Discovery Bay Games via Macrumors]


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Atari set to release its own joystick base for iPad


First actual comment. I've been saying this for some time, the main thing holding mobile gaming back has been the lack of physical controllers. Two reasons:
a) When my big fat thumbs are on an iPhone screen, I can't see a good third of it.
b) On screen joysticks don't provide physical feedback. It's impossible to tell by touch whether you're pressing up or down, left or right, etc. Zenonia and GTA: Chinatown Wars may be excellent games, but I'll never know because I can't get through more than 10 minutes without losing interest because of the lack of control.
I would love for Apple to design the world's most perfect gaming controller, and I'd pay triple digits for it if it was designed correctly. It's unlikely though, because the perfect gaming controller would have more buttons, not less.

Spammers need to be banned, like a BOWSS.
Getting back on topic, the iCade looks cool, this Atari version looks like buckets of 'meh'. Hopefully, it'll work just like an iCade, so more developers will be encouraged to update their apps(I'm looking at you, Capcom Arcade.)

Holy crap, that's a lot of comment spam.
Anyway, this is one awesome bit of hardware design. I look forward to one with six buttons instead of four and more modern games instead of Atari, but still.
(wonders why the heck my comment - the first nonspam remark - didn't post before)

I agree with Dan, the biggest problem with mobile gaming is the lack of controllers. This looks promising, or at least the basic concept. I'd love to see a trackball based one as well for those kind of games. The big thing is that they are high quality controls and buttons. Another acceptable option (for some games) would be just to interface something like a PS3 controller, but for these classic games, a real joystick or trackball is SO much better!
Another thing I'd love to see, is for a company like Sony or Microsoft (preferably Sony, as I'm a PS3 player) to sell an app which would interface an iPad as the screen for the console an connect the bluetooth controller through the iPad as well. That way, I could have a PS3 in the entertainment console, but be in some whole other part of the house, or really anywhere accessible via network, and play the PS3 using the iPad as a remote type console.

icade all the way....I agree with the Gregz0r. Also on a related note, developer are not really encourage to incorporate icade functionality with their game apps, reason i bring this up, because i wrote to couple app envelopers (example developer of Ms. Pac-Man) to make it compatible with the icade, and the told me that they did not have any plan to make it compatible with icade, they refer me to some third party joystick, the one you stick on the screen. Because of this unresponsiveness to show any love to the icade from app developer, they left me with no choice, other then to install iMame4all and that work like a champ.