AT&T adding 2GB to tethering plans and launching AT&T Mobile Hotspot on February 13

AT&T announced today that beginning on February 13, their tethering plan will include an additional 2GB of data for no extra cost; in addition, the carrier will be launching AT&T Mobile Hotspot next to the HTC Inspire 4G (we're hoping that means iOS 4.3 personal hotspot will be a go as well).

We want to extend the benefits of an additional 2GB to smartphone customers on our tethering plan. This delivers more value today for the price they're already paying – and that's what our customers want.

This brings the grand total to 4GB for the tethering plan. If you are already signed up for a tethering plan, you don't have to do anything go receive the extra data - your service will be automagically updated and you'll receive a text message informing you of the change.

Here's what was in the press release:

Select smartphone customers will soon be able to connect multiple devices from their smartphone – via Wi-Fi – thanks to the new AT&T Mobile Hotspot application. The feature will first be available February 13, beginning with the in-store launch of the HTC Inspire™ 4G. Bundled with the AT&T Data Pro plan, customers will benefit from a total of 4GB for $45 per month.

So what do you think? Available only for the HTC Inspire at first? Or will it be available for the iPhone 4 soon.

Here is the pricing details on AT&T Mobile Hotspot:

  • Connectivity for multiple wireless devices to AT&T's mobile broadband network
  • 2 GB of data usage for $20 a month, bundled with AT&T's Data Pro plan ($25 / 2GB)
  • The combined AT&T Data Pro plus AT&T Mobile Hotspot will provide 4GB for $45 per month
  • 4GB applies to collective use among all devices
  • Overage fee of $10 per gigabyte

Are you signed up for AT&T's tethering plan and looking forward to this extra data? Was anyone switching to Verizon strictly for the mobile hotspot feature and now thinking of staying with AT&T? Sound off below!


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Reader comments

AT&T adding 2GB to tethering plans and launching AT&T Mobile Hotspot on February 13


Well the problem as I understand it is that if you were able to keep an unlimited data plan, ATT will NOT let you have tethering unless you give up the unlimited data and change to the 2gb plan. If that is still true, it is DOA for me.

I spend 3 hours browsing during my daily commute plus plenty of further access during the day. I don't think in 18 months I've exceeded 450MB pm. My average overall is 360MB pm. I was unlimited for the first 12 mths and now at 500MB and not worried at all.
Does your real life usage really justify the concern about moving to 2GB?

It would be hard to use 2GB/mo. web surfing. But start streaming XM or Pandora or especially Netflix, 2GB doesn't seem like that much any more. Luckily for me it's Unlimited Data plan + MyWi hotspot FTW.

I stream XM/Sirius 5 hrs back and forth from work everyday! And never hit 2gb once, for what its worth

What's the most data you've used in a month with MyWi? I've just started to use it, and was curious to how much people actually use it.

I'll tell you what it means for me... I'll be waiting for an iOS 4.3 jailbreak so I can keep my unlimited data and get a wireless hotspot

I still don't know why we should be obliged to pay extra to view the same content on a laptop you'd be accessing directly on the iPhone? It's just a bigger screen, right?

Ask yourself if you do more downloading and browsing on your desktop or laptop as opposed to your mobile? ;)

I'm not able to find my color for some reason. Would I be in the green or blue group if I live in Murray Utah? I'm etxcied to use your site. I want to be a gardener and this will definitely help.

I think it's still laughable and should be illegal to charge extra to tether/use hotspot! You are already paying for the data and they want you to pay extra to use the same data on a different device? Regardless what device you use the data comes in the same and at the same speed so how can they get away with double dipping on the price?

LOL, same comments here as every where else, more kiddies crying its not free or cheaper, spoiled people use smartphone, FACT!

Well, it's still frustrating that the base 2GB can't be tethered (legitimately) without paying an additional fee. On the other hand, now the game gets a bit interesting - at least now the additional charge is justified by giving us something more. This may make sense for someone who has both an iPhone and an iPad... Assuming the individual was already on the 2GB/$25 plan for their phone, they can now pay another $20 to tether to the iPad... instead of getting the 3G version and paying $25/month. Paying $45 for a 4GB bucket certainly beats paying $50 for 2 unshared 2GB buckets...

You make a great point out of this. This offering basically eliminates the idea of having to pay for a WiFi/3G iPad - just get a WiFi only iPad and use your phones tethering plan to access data. I'm sure the unlimited/jailbroken crowd of iPhone owners (which I'm unfortunately not a part of) already understand this bonus as they're using MyWi. I, on the other hand, must find an alternative. Your reasoning makes sense to me.

Oh so now we are up to having 4GB on AT&T. Even though you have to get a teithring plan to get 4GB even so it is the same data and they should not charge use anymore to use more data
Why can't the US be mote like other networks around the work when parts of the world have umlimatied data but they just bring down the soft gap data limit to 1 and 2 or 3 GB to be unnist after the first month of having a new phone you don't use more than 1GB and I just want the peace of mind that I will not be charged if I go a litle bit over and be my gets use a lower data gap if you chose to. Any way I am almost to the point were I can just buy phones if out contracts so I do not have to stay on a network (AT&T if they change their plans again so if T-Mobile gets larger then I can switch to them and stop saporting AT&T artafushaly because there is Many choose of GSm networks were I live and T-Mobile us just to small for me right now :(


Jailbreak. Verizon is lame and slow. My work phone is on Verizon. Crap. I have unlimited data. This month I burned 3 gigs and counting. Might approach 4. I stream pandora, video, download apps and do a lot of news surfing. 99% of my computer time outide of work is on my phone. It gas replaced my laptop

I'm on the 2GB plan for $25.... If AT&T does not offer me the unlimited data I will be switching to Verizon. I stream a lot of video and I have to cut back drastically so that I don't exceed 2GB.

Sold. This is exactly what I want. Of course, I would prefer a tethering plan that simply comes with the regular data plan, but I'd also like a personal jetpack. I understand that neither will happen anytime soon.

I don't what I'm missing here, but I don't spend enough time in places without wifi to EVER use more than 2 gb of data. Where do those of you that actually exceed the cap spend your time?

There is a difference when it comes to data on an iPhone or iPad VS a laptop. On my phone, I Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, download new purchases, websearch, etc everyday, averaging about 1.5 GB (with Wifi assist at home). So I switched to the 2GB w/ tethering plan.
Not 12 hrs later, I got the 65% cap exceeded and 90% cap exceeded text messages because I tethered my laptop and watched a couple of TV episodes. The streaming and surfing sites are optimized for iPhone and I hope so for the iPad. I was told by an AT&T supervisor that Netflix runs ten times more data than the iPhone version, so thr premium to tether is justified.
I have no plans to leave AT&T, they have been great to me. They allowed me to switch back to my unlimited data plan, and also help me when I racked overages for text and voice when experimenting with lesser plans. Verizon's mobile hotspot was a killer feature, and I'm happy to see AT&T competing. I would invest in a WiFi iPad and ditch the laptop altogether if it supported MMORPG games! Lol!

bottom line i have said it before att is charging you double for 1/2 the service. unlimited data (assume 5gb) is $6 dollars a gig per month. 2gb daga is 12.5 per month per gig. if att were to be on par with the data plan 2 gb should be 12 dollars a month and they give you 250mb for 15 dollars. something wrong there. simple math should tell you even though you are saving 5 bucks a month you are paying twice as much for the same data. do you really think att would allow you to have the best plan at the best price NOOOOOO

You know, Rogers in Canada may be the bane of some people but for those of us who signed up for the 6GB for $30 (which includes tethering) are smiling and nodding their heads for getting that plan when they did.
Just hope it will include the mobile hotspot when 4.3 comes out.