AT&T announces home automation service with iPhone and iPad remote control apps

AT&T announces home automation service with iOS remote control app

AT&T has announced a new home security and automation service called Digital Life that comes with an iPad and iPhone app with a bunch of security and remote control options. With it, you can change the temperature, switch the lights, manage the alarm system, control the window blinds, shut off the water main, and even remotely unlock doors. Here's the full feature list:

  • Professional installation of the platform, sensors and other devices
  • Integrated, wirelessly enabled platform that combines home security and automation capabilities
  • AT&T owned and operated 24/7 security monitoring centers
  • A state-of-the-art user interface application, which allows customers to customize a solution based on individual needs, and the ability to manage and control their services from the U.S. or while traveling abroad
  • The option to experience and purchase the service in AT&T’s distribution channels, including AT&T company-owned retail stores. The service will also be made available for purchase on when available commercially.
  • The ability to add more features and services after the initial installation, hassle free

This is a pretty sweet package that seems to include just about everything you would need, but I cringe to think what the initial set-up cost would be, nevermind the monthly subscription fee. Similar bundles go for about $500 to set up, so that should give you an idea of what to expect. Wi-Fi routers tend to be the hubs for home automation, but emerging standards like NFC and Wi-Fi direct certainly have a role to play, as well as older technologies like Bluetooth - it's just tricky getting all of these in-home machines to talk with one another while keeping the user experience simple and straightforward.

Trials for the system are kicking off in Atlanta and Dallas over the summer. Want to sign up? Hit the link below.

Source: AT&T's Digital Life registration page

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Reader comments

AT&T announces home automation service with iPhone and iPad remote control apps


I agree with you on cringing about what AT&T will charge for this. As we all know, they love to overcharge and under-deliver ;)

"I have 5 bars of security service and my door won't even lock!"
"AT&T CEO: I deeply regret not eliminating unlimited door locking earlier"

"We are sorry to hear you are having problems unlocking your home, we have scheduled a technician to come look at the problem next Tuesday between the hours of noon and 6pm.... thank you for using AT&T."

Only get a system that you need. Never let sales push all the extras on you. Always remember "what ever man makes, man can break into." I like hidden camera systems. Hard to beat that in court. Check with the local cops, or city where you live, and see if they inforce a false alarm system. You get a ticket for having a false alarm. The price varies, but you pay, not the company. The thing I dislike, usually the moniter system is usually located in another state. I prefer a local alarm company that knows the local problems, and trends. That is not always possible, but tends to be better.

I loce the concept and idea.
I love it so much I would work for you selling it.
I have been in sales all my life. Interestingly enough I have been following Glenn Lurie with this product.
I love it, I want it and I want to sell it, It would be an easy sale.
Email me and we will talk. I also believe it will work in the home health area