AT&T announces record pre-orders for iPhone 5

AT&T announces record pre-orders for iPhone

AT&T has put out a rather barebones press release to say that, based on pre-orders, the iPhone 5 is their best selling iPhone ever. Since AT&T was the launch carrier for the original iPhone back in 2007, that includes all versions of the iPhone sold to date. Here's the relevant part from AT&T's PR:

AT&T set a sales record with iPhone 5 over the weekend, making it the fastest-selling iPhone the company has ever offered. Customers ordered more iPhones from AT&T than any previous model both on its first day of preorders and over the weekend.

Since the iPhone traditionally outsells all other phones on AT&T, does this mean the iPhone 5 isn't only the fastest selling iPhone to date, but the fastest selling smartphone period? Phone period? Sadly, AT&T didn't say, nor did they reveal any actual sales numbers. They spent the rest of the press release hyping their network.

Still, it's nice to know the release of a new iPhone remains a cause for accelerated growth on AT&T. If Apple holds to pattern, we should get a press release or statement from them later today with both a wider perspective and more solid numbers,

Pre-orders began on AT&T and other outlets began at 12:01am, Friday September 14 and launch day stock quickly sold out. Current shipping estimates for Apple and all major U.S. carriers are 2 - 3 weeks. That means, if you still want your iPhone 5 on launch, you'll need to head on over to an Apple Retail Store, or other retailer, and line on up.

If you pre-ordered your iPhone 5 from AT&T, let me know how the process went for you and if your order status has changed to "shipping" yet. If you have pre-orders your iPhone 5 yet, and are waiting to line up or to order later, check out our iPhone 5 buyers guide for everything you need to know.

Source: AT&T

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AT&T announces record pre-orders for iPhone 5


I pre-ordered mine from AT&T (no particular reason, except it opened for me earlier than Apple's store) and the process was smooth and painless. Order status is still "processing" - we shall see if they meet their launch day ship date - there was a bevy of shipping disclaimers on the checkout page.

I called AT&T today to inquire on my order (still "processing") -- the woman on the phone said that they would be receiving *their* iPhones tomorrow (Thursday, the 20th), and I would get an email update then. I asked if that meant they would arrive for Friday, and she said it could -- if I had selected overnight shipping as an option. I do not recall seeing any shipping options on the pre-order form.

Because I initially wasn't eligible for an upgrade, I didn't order at time of launch. However, mysteriously during the day on Friday my status changed to upgrade eligible (only 11 months after upgrading to my 4S, too), so I ordered two iPhone 5's (64blk, 32wht) at around 3pm eastern. Currently, status says "ships in 14-21 days" and "processing". Whether my shipping date gets moved up or not is anyone's guess...

I order my iPhone 4S day one and AT&T has always let the primary line early Upgrade Eligibility at the last minute. But with the iPhone 5, AT&T will not let me get the subsidized pricing..... not until 05/15/13. WTF I have been able to get the new iPhone every year!
CONGRESSDJ - You were not eligible and later that afternoon you were?

Lance, that's exactly what happened. Another friend of mine found himself in the same situation, and AT&T also let him upgrade. We have both been customers for over a decade.

Late Thursday night, not eligible. Friday morning, not eligible. Friday afternoon, eligible.

I order two black 16GB around 3:15a eastern. Process was pretty smooth, though it wasn't inherently clear that I had to upgrade each number one at a time. I switched to a shared data plan shortly there after, which was a bit laggy.

Orders switched to processing within about an hour, and are still sitting on that status as I type this. We are selling our iPhone 4 to Amazon, and they want those shipped by Friday, so I am hoping the 5's show up on time.

I ordered mine around 12:00am
It was VERY smooth. It's supposed to be here this Friday. However my order status still says PROCESSING
Waiting for an email. If not I'll cancel and go wait in line.

I hope that works out well.
I pre-ordered my 4S from my local AT&T Store. I was told I could pick it up on launch day. The day before launch I got an e-mail saying that my order would ship in 2-4 weeks.
Long story short: I cancelled the order and walked into the same AT&T Store the next day and got my phone.

Placed my order around midnight 16g black/slate at&t and as of yesterday, my order status is "Preparing for Shipment" :)

I pre-ordered my iphone5 and AT&T tells me i wont get it for 3 weeks.. So im very pissed off right now. I may goto the store and buy one and refuse delievery when that late as hell iphone5 comes..

I ordered mine through Verizon within the first thirty minutes. My order status shows it ships on 9/21/12. This was my first time to order online, I figured you would receive it that day. Anyone else having their confirmation show this?