AT&T not carrying white iPhone 4 at launch?

If the above screenshot really is an internal document via AT&T, there's some doubt as to whether or not AT&T is going to have any white iPhones on stock for launch day (or in the coming days after). This document seems to have leaked over at  TiPb aren't too sure whether or not this is a hoax (maybe just to scare Leanna). We'd assume at least the Apple stores will carry the white models.  Seeing as this is an AT&T internal document, we don't see this holding any bearing on what Apple will have at launch.

Maybe Apple is keeping the white iPhones as of now in order to keep their stores in stock until more shipments are pushed out?  Even if that were the case, I'd still find that a bit odd.  Pre-ordering starts tomorrow so we should find out either way.  We're going to see what we can find out on AT&T's end. BGR has stated AT&T declines to comment and are now reporting the same thing may be happening in Germany as well (and we saw Softbank in Japan announce black-only earlier today).  They seem to think this may very well be the case.  Until we find out more, I'd take this one with a grain of salt, and definitely wouldn't extend this to what will happen in the Apple stores on June 24th.  What do you guys think?

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Reader comments

AT&T not carrying white iPhone 4 at launch?


I just got off the phone with both an apple and at&t representative and they said that they have no knowledge of at&t just getting the black version for pre order. Hopefully this is true as I defiantly want the white version.

Yea I just called my local AT&T stores (two of them) and both said that after meeting with the sales directors all day they would have the white iPhones at launch. Looks like nothing to worry about...

So FAKE. Loving all these crazy rumors as we get closer to pre-order day. Really making me LOL.

When I got my 3g back in the day at AT&T, the black iPhones were sold out with weeklong waiting lists. When I said I wanted a white one, the guy was surprised, but had several in stock. So I walked out with one.
I wouldn't be surprised if they figured the black iPhone 4's would sell like mad, and got their distribution to be all black ones vs black and white...
Still, either way, I'm going to try and pre-order it from Apple this time around. I kind of doubt they'll have supply issues with a color. :)

Lombo, actually, the rumor I heard was that all the white phones that AT&T was getting are actually going to Verizon. Oh snap, how's that for crazy!

I'm sure we'll be able to get white. I despised the look of the white 3GS but the new one looks great in white, IMO. Also, agreed with @Lombo with all these rumors.

Apple wouldn't let this happen. AT&T gives them enough a bad enough image as it is. Apple would not allow AT&T to be out. They would send some from the Apple Stores if they had to.

I really want a white one, The black one never works right. The white one works more efficient.

just spoke with a longtime friend that is within AT&T HQ... the rumor is TRUE!! they will not have White until late summer

I have a relative who works at AT&T's internet orders dept. I asked her and she said that they weren't going to. But she'll know for sure tomorrow morning at 6:30 when she goes to work.

Actually, I heard that both black and white won't be available till late summer, but instead Apple and AT&T have decided that PINK and BABY BLUE will be the new iPhone 4 fashion statement this year.

Fake letter - spelling mistakes and looks like a MS Office job.
But still possibly based on sone truth - we shall see.

This is a true document i was just advised by my manager before closing that iPhone 4 will only be available for preorder tomorrow, he wasnt sure why this was because i wanted to get the white. looks like ill be going with a black one myself

I really hope this is for AT&T stores only. If this is the case for all retail outlets then it looks like I'll be sticking with Android for another few months unless I switch to webOS earlier.

I talked to a rep this evening at my local AT&T store and he confirmed the rumor, saying that they were only going to have black available at launch. He actually said that nobody was going to have white until later this summer, so I'm not sure that I believe him. But that is what he said.

@bryan - I'm pretty sure that preorder begins at 8am Eastern time, but it may vary based on time zone or just Steve's general mood.

There will be a preoder for the white AT&T said that why wouldnt they have white they said they predict that the black will go out of stock before the white one so dont listen to these stupid rumors AT&T will not disappoint us either will Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!

White, you need to go read the Apple AND ATT websites. White is NOT available for pre-order or store pickup, according to Apple's website. ATT only shows the black iPhone 4 for preorder.
It is available as I type this at 204a PDT, 504a EDT.

Apple website confirms it: No white iPhone4 for pre-order. I guess I just have to wait some more....

Really? Later this summer... like tethering & mms? I've never been so annoyed, my heart was set on a white 32g. Not cool, that's not something u spring on customers last minute.

Thinking about it, no white is actually pretty smart. I don't know the breakdown, but lets say one-quarter of the people that would rush for pre-orders instead wait 2-3 weeks before breaking down and ordering whatever is available. (Then there will be white GS owners like me that become increasingly frustrated until the white one appears...)

Wife and I just got back from ATT. I ordered my black, wife holding out for a white as they are not taking preorders.

As of June 15th 2010 09:30 Central Time (and all the other local retail stores that will be selling the iPhone 4) is only releasing the black version. It says underneath the white version on Applestore, " White iPhone currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pickup" This is bull sh*t. we demand answers

Best buy I taking preorders for the white model. Although they don't know when it will be physically available. I preordered the white and the black under my wife's number as a backup! :) I'm confident that Apple will have the white by launch time, but just in case....

Thought this was fake last night, but it is definitely a fact. Not sure if it is supply issues or what. The AT&T rep told me that the white one would be available a few "days" after the black one is released. My wife is pissed. I get my black one though.... :-)

First of all, dont judge people for wanting white, I wanted white, have always had white (except for 1st gen of course) and I just ordered 2 black phones for now. And It doesn't matter if you are going to cover it with a case or not, you want what you want. For this phone I plan to buy a bumper and invisible shield so I don't HAVE to cover it up. White is beautiful. I work for a major retailer that sells iPhones, and was also disappointed to find out ON the 15th with the rest of you that we could not pre order white, in fact I didn't even know until I started to place a pre order for a customer and saw that it was missing from the list of choices. I have had an iPhone since 07 and have always upgraded. I rely on my iPhone for managing my schedule and my life. We have a 3 iPhone family, AND so far, I already sold mine and my husbands, in anticipation of ordering the new ones and waiting 8 long days to get my new ones. . If the white is coming out within 30 days, I will just exchange one. If not, I will flat out return one and reverse the upgrade and buy it when it comes out. See, there are ways around these things.

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