AT&T customer care representative says no iPhone 5 in June or July? [rumor]

Let's be frank -- we can't believe we're posting this but it just keeps getting sent to us. Firstly, carrier CSRs are typically the last to learn about anything Apple. We've actually gone to carriers the day of launch and they've known less about it than we have -- they're simply not informed. So please take the below account with a blue and white striped Death Star sized grain of salt. Now, an AT&T customer care representative has supposedly told a customer that Apple had confirmed this to them:

Apple has informed us that they do not plan to release the iPhone in the June to July timeframe, though there will be a newer version in the future. Unfortunately, we have not been given a release time for the new phone. We will release this information on our website when it is available to us.

The answer allegedly came in response to the customers query over why an early upgrade eligibility had been pushed back by over five months.

Again, we would file this one under very sketchy rumor. However, TiPb and other sites keep hearing that there won't be an iPhone 5 until fall, so while this rumor may or may not be true, the timeline seems to be.

What do you believe?



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AT&T customer care representative says no iPhone 5 in June or July? [rumor]


Does it matter, anymore? Apple is a business. Are they making money with the iPhone 4? Yes. Have they found new ways to "extend" the life of the iPhone 4? Yes, two big ones (Verizon and the white one). Is there, ascetically (this is Apple, remember. The whole spec vs user experience philosophy), any phone in the same ballpark as the iPhone 4? No.
Waiting 3 months? Not going to hurt Apple at all.

well, we should know in about 4 weeks when it is coming. My guess is that since there is no developer preview of it yet (to get apps ready) that it isn't coming in June.

They could still release the new hardware running iOS 4.3.x. Technically iPhone 5 would not need to run on iOS 5 (at least not initially).

Not only are the CSR's at the bottom of the list AT&T wants to sell phones. Why would they tell anyone the iPhone 5 will come out in June when they want to sell you a phone today. If they started telling people the phone will be out in June then everyone will hold off from buying now. I'm not saying I think the iPhone 5 will be out in June or July but it would be bad for business if AT&T confirmed its release.

That is not true at all... Based on??? Stop whole your NOT ahead.
I think what happened is that apple is really cracking down on any kind of information. They don't want another scenario like the iPad 2. My guess is they are lying... Quite frankly

My main concern is the OS. iPhone 4 is still a beast! It's a year old and still revelant. Just bring on the software update. When the 5 or whatever they call it come out it will be icing on the cake.

Like you're doing a better job. Go out and get your own website then spend every waking hour researching what to post on the site to keep people coming back.

I think they didn't release an iOs 5 beta last month because it is tied into the new mobile me streaming music cloud service and they don't want it officially out until they have all the record companies they need on board.

Well, reading the article they do say that the customer wanted to know why their upgrade had been pushed back another 5+ Mos. ATT does push back your upgrade 6 Mos if your phone is suspended, perhaps he should look into that...

I don't know why customers consistently ping AT&T about a phone that apple manufactures. This planet scares me more and more every day.

False Rumor... If that happened the at&t customer care rep was making it up... i Work for at&t and i'm a customer care rep... Apple doesnt tell the date's of the next iPhone etc etc... our systems get an update of that info once the Next iPhone is Announce by apple

Is this news to us all??? How many analysts say there is not iPhone 5 this summer.
Who cares. It's coming in the fall.
Deal with it.

Chris, you're having fun with the rumors. May be iPhone 4 is it. No more, just updated software. 4.9.99, 4.9.999. The rumors are getting nutty. Does anyone really know how many iPhone 4's are still waiting to be sold, white or black? I still say June, but that is based on faith in apple's normal time line.

if this is true, it better worth the wait. Major upgrade, maybe fresh new design. Not just 3G to 3Gs kinda style. Well, people are waiting for the real thing. Not just crap rumors or so.

My upgrade was pushed from June to November. I figured it was because I dropped my price plan and minutes to the minimum. Maybe I'll call and ask this too, but I doubt they know anything.