AT&T Not Rushing Next Generation 4G Network? 3G Will Not Go Quietly...

A few weeks back we mentioned a little blurb about 4G and when we may start to see it. Even though AT&T announced its decision to deploy Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology for its 4G network, they are confident they can get more life from their 3G network by tweaking it, and in doing so give them more time to perfect their future network. (I know what you are thinking... maybe they should have taken more time to perfect their current network!)

Yesterday at the 4G Executive Summit in Chicago, AT&T's VP of Architecture Hank Kafka spoke out and put to rest any perceived urgency on the part of the carrier to push out a 4G network saying:


blockquote> The introduction of the 3G iPhone at AT&T Mobility has made a huge impact in showing people how to use handsets to connect to the Internet, but it’s just the beginning of wireless broadband. Now we’re on the verge of that creativity being unleashed.

Kafka said he’d be surprised if LTE wasn’t available "within five years". And within those 5 years, AT&T “has a lot of runway left with HSPA and HSPA-plus.” We can only hope.

So please, I beg of you, unleash that creativity on us all. I'm sure we are all ready for it.

[Via AppleInsider]

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AT&T Not Rushing Next Generation 4G Network? 3G Will Not Go Quietly...


I definitely agree with what AT&T is doing this time. They are milking HSPA as much as they possible can. I feel they should stick to the game plan and just increase the bandwidth of their current HSDPA/HSUPA standards and compete with WiMax which only Sprint offers in the U.S.

The same source sited that WiMax was a joke... so we shall see how that pans out. But I agree as well, might as well make it the best network before advancing to a technology that is just not there yet. It's good they are taking their time.

Yo, AT&T... how 'bout getting 3G extended to more than the dozen or so largest urban areas in the US before we worry about 4G, okay? I've got this lovely 3G hardware and no way to use it.

I have the first gen iphone And it works faster than 3G alot of the time, AT&T should just get rid of all there 3g coverage and come out with 4g cause there 3G sucks

I bought an IPhone 3GS and AT&T charges me for 3G service and only supplies 2G in our area. That is not fair. The big corporation takes advantage of the little guy. If they can only supplly 2G, then they ought to have a reduced price.

To Ronald's post If only 2G is available in your area (home, work, school), you do not buy 3G device. Thats simple.