AT&T discontinues free Wi-Fi for iPhone users?


According to reports submitted to MacRumors, users are no longer able to access free Wi-Fi at Starbucks and Barnes & Nobles Locations.

I am sure this is due to a “beta” phase for AT&T to test connectivity. Once wind got out that people are accessing it, they stopped. The fact that AT&T is even doing this is really cool; it adds value to the AT&T proposition for their mobile service.

Will AT&T Extend the Wi-Fi “courtesy” officially? Perhaps AT&T will offer customers Wi-Fi for use on laptops? Who knows, we are still waiting for an official AT&T press release describing their future Wi-Fi plans.

I think anyone will agree that whatever AT&T is doing, it will be better than T-Mobile’s offerings.

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Chad Garrett

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AT&T discontinues free Wi-Fi for iPhone users?

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I tested at my local Barnes & Noble with my iPhone both before the news leaked out about "free Wi-Fi" and after, and I was never allowed access. So I think it was only ever certain locations.
Free "Wi-Fi" at AT&T hotspots will be a nice perk and a good move on AT&T's part as it would relieve some load from their data network (after all, if we're not using their WiFi, we'll be using their EDGE and soon 3G) and generate some goodwill on behalf of their customers. Of course it's not really free since we're paying $20/mo for data plus more for voice plans, but at least it would be at no additional charge.