AT&T Eligiblity Dates Indicating Early June iPhone G4 Release?

If you haven't checked your AT&T eligibility date, you may want to. We noticed a couple weeks ago that AT&T was starting to roll back eligibility dates for some users, so here's another reminder.

I picked up my 3GS on launch day and until yesterday, my upgrade eligibility date said 6/20/2010.  I didn't expect mine to change if the next iPhone would appear after that date.  Well this morning, looks like I'm eligible right now.  As we all know, iPhone releases are typically done on a Friday. If the iPhone G4 was set to release on the 25th of this month or the 2nd of July, why would they be pushing back those who would already be eligible on that day?

Interesting indeed.  Could this mean an iPhone G4 could land on either the 11th or 18th of this month?  We are thinking that could be the case. What do you guys think?

You can check your AT&T eligibility at any time by either logging into your AT&T account and going to "Check Upgrade Options" on your account overview screen, or you can dial * NEW # (* 639 #) from your phone and you'll get an automated text.  Check your eligibility and let us know if you see any changes!

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AT&T Eligiblity Dates Indicating Early June iPhone G4 Release?


I bought my 3GS (and 3G) both on launch day, and my upgrade date is still unchanged from 3/2011. I hope it changes, I've given them enough money to warrant an early upgrade.

Just checked mine and they've brought forward the eligibility date from 12/10/2010 to June. Bought my 3GS on June 23rd 2009.

Two days ago mine was June 26, 2010....and now I am able to upgrade at any time I want. I can't wait for the new phone. Being the main number on a family plan really helps too, the main number can upgrade every year! YAY!

Just checked mine got my 3GS on release day and says I can upgrade now... Lol I don't get it

We both bought the 3GS on the first day... my account still says the same date it had before, 2011. My wife's account has moved so she will be able to get the new iPhone on the max discount if she extends her account. I wonder how they choose which person gets their date moved. I have bought every iPhone along the way while my wife skipped one step in there.

The other day I checked and my upgrade date was Nov/2010. Checking now I am eligible today

I checked it yesterday and I couldn't upgrade til the 24th. Just checked and now I can upgrade today.

I got my 3Gs the day it came out and im elgibile for an upgrade. My girlfriend got a 3G June 20th last year and now she is eligible too.

I bought a 3GS the day it came out last year. My eligibility a month ago changed from 2011 to November 2010. Between yesterday and this morning, it changed again so I can get a full upgrade now.
Good news as my iPhone took a bath a couple of weeks and is inoperable. I will take it to the Apple Store and get a new 32GB for $199 and then sell it to pay for my upgrade and an insurance policy. Thanks AT&T and Apple.

My upgrade was updated to today as well. I got my iPhone this exact date last year, and now I'm eligible for a full upgrade. This could be very exciting!

Mine said 7/2/2010 but I just checked it and now I am eligible NOW! Whoot Whoot! I'm getting the iPhone HD on day one Baby!!

Part of the early upgrade consideration has always been how long you have been a customer. I have been with AT&T since 2001. Last week my eligibility was 6/21/10, today it is NOW! Can't wait!

I checked mine today and it tells me that i am eligible and they would wave my $18 upgrade fee. Alright i am so ready for the new iPhone!!

Helll yeaaa! I bought an iPhone 3G earlier in 2009 January.. And then bought an iPhone 3Gs of contract about three months ago and my upgrade wasn't till September 5 2010.. But not I'm eligible right now!!!!! Mad happy !! :DDD

For those of you that bought on launch day and are still showing later upgrade dates, you also need to remember that if your line is not the primary, you will probably not be rolled back. AT&T factors how much you spend into the equation as well. If your line contains less than 80$ in charges a month, you are not eligible every 12 months, therefore you won't be rolled back enough to be eligible.
For example, my line is the primary, we have over 80$ in charges on that line, I'm eligible every 12 months. Another one of my lines has an iPhone 3GS that was also purchased on launch day. But that line still says February of 2011. The reason for that is most likely because the only charges incurred on that line every month is the 9.99 add a line and the unlimited data for 30. Only 40$ on that line is not enough to meet the $80/month threshold.

So around how much is the new iPhone going to cost us?? I bought my 3GS on launch last year too.... So its only been a year whats the price break for 1 year upgraders??

I bought my 3gs on launch date and now I am eligible for a full upgrade. I have the main line on a family plan which helps.

As a valued AT&T customer, this line qualifies for discounted equipment pricing when you sign a new 2-year commitment.

" As a valued customer, we can offer you an upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and WAIVE the $18 upgrade fee." bought my iPhone 3G in JULY 2008

I'm eligible now!!! Can't freaking wait till tomorrow. The SECOND this bad boy goes online for purchase I'm ordering it!

Sweet! I was eligible for an upgrade on June 20th, but now it says I'm eligible immediately! That means it'll either be the 11th or 18th for sure! Can't wait to have the new iPhone HD in my hands in less than 2 weeks!!!

My line is 11/2011, but my wifes got bump up. So I hope I can sweet talk her into talking my 3gs while I up grade her 3g to a G4

i have been checking every now and then for about 2 months now to see if it was changed with no luck. 2 days ago i called AT&T to ask why some people were randomly being bumped up for their upgrades and i was told that i could receive a partial discount if i get the new iphone & sign a new 2 year deal, i was satisfied with that considering i got my 3G about 2 weeks before the 3G's came out, anyway, Just check again today and im now set to upgrade any time!
for anyone curious if they are eligible, the old texts i would get when i called *639# was
"A full discount on a standard handset or iphone upgrade is not available at this time but you may qualify on 10/06/2010. we can offer you a discounted iphone upgrade at a higher price with a 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee. please visit a participating iphone sales location for pricing on this offer."
now the new text i got today says..
"As a valued customer, we can offer you and upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee." ready for the new iphone...

As a valued customer, we can offer you an upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and waive the $18 upgrade fee.
Bought 3GS a week or 2 after launch. But I have 3 iPhones with unlimited everything on my account as well all my other lines say same message

I don't remember - were you able to buy the iphone at full price without contract at the launch?

So wait, if we received the ”As a valued customer, we can offer you an upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and WAIVE the $18 upgrade fee" text message, does this mean we get the new iPhone for FREE?

My message said the same as ^jonar1us!
SWEET. Got my 3G August 6 2008.

4 days ago my mine kept saying had to wait til nov2010 but now im allowed to upgrade! lets get get get itttt

I got a 3g on launch day, it is eligible, my other line the 3gs on launch day is not till feb 2011... damm

We still have to pay full price for the new iPhone though, don't we? Plus the upgrade fee >_>

Mine says "it's still 3/2011 but we can offer you a new iPhone for a higher price"...meaning probably $399/$499 instead of $199/$299 as we've seen at least once before. Still a lot better than full price. :)

It used to say I would be eligible for a full discount after the middle of July (18 months after I bought my 3G). It still says that my wife's 3GS on the same account only qualifies for a full upgrade in Jan 2011 (also 18 months after purchase)
Now it just gives me the simpler text about being able to upgrade immediately for a small fee. I don't know why it doesn't mention a full discount though, but it would be really nice if I could upgrade on launch day for the cheaper price!

@charles for free? What are you talking about? It just means that you are eligible to upgrade to a new iPhone for whatever the price will be ($199, $299, etc) without having to pay the $18 upgrade fee, that's all.

Thanks for the info -- I checked a couple weeks back, got the text back that I'd be eligible in November -- just checked and got the same text back as you :)

It just means you're eligible for subsidized pricing, instead of full price which will be about ($599/699)

I just did it & mine a valued customer, we can offer you an upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee. I bought my 3GS on openeing day.

Same here. Two days ago, it said something like July 18 for one phone and November 15 for the other. Now both say that an upgrade is eligible today. Some people think that 1)a new iPhone goes on sale tomorrow and/or 2)a Verion version will also be announced, so they evened the playing field to retain customers. We'll see in less than a day.

Purchased my 3GS on launch day. I check my upgrade options on Monday it said end of June. Just looked and I am now eligible.

So I got a 3G in May of last year and was able to get a 3Gs on launch day last year due to purchasing the 3G inside of 30 days from the announcement date, but my notification says Jan 18, 2011. 18 months later? What gives?

But that "free" upgrade requires the "new" contract, with the 2GB data ceiling, instead of the unlimited (well, 5GB) data. According to my monthly bill, i'm just over 3.5GB a month, so it would cost me $45 for the month under the new contract ($25 for 2GB, and $10 per 1GB extra). Either I better cut down on my Revision3 streaming (and forget when Netflix releases their iPhone app) to accept the new contract, or just get the phone from the iStore, and keep my current contract.

Folks, I say this every time the subject comes up. If you know at all how to negotiate, you will never pay that $18 upgrade fee. You can even have it waived at the time of purchasing your upgrade, but if they say no, call customer service. I haven't been turned down in over 12 years with AT&T.

Nope Rodney, if you are an existing unlimited customer, you will never lose that, confirmed daily by AT&T Facebook. And there is no 5GB cap. Also confirmed 100 times by AT&T Facebook.
I have the same exact message Allyson has. I bought my 3G[S] 1 July 2009

This is very interesting. Both my lines are eligible for an upgrade right now which is different from the info I received a month ago. My number always said I was eligible for a new phone, but not a new iphone since I got a launch day 3GS. My other line (a 3G) has always said 6/20. Since I thought I'd be locked out of getting the new iphone I went and got a Evo 4G Friday. I didn't port my number over, so there's a chance I may be able to pilot the EVO and new iPhone and see which one I want to keep. I really like the EVO and Android, but I'm locked into Apple's ecosystem with a Macbook, Macbook Pro, an iphone 3g, iphone 3GS, Apple TV, and a Mobile Me subscription that will end in February. The only thing I am really uncertain about is continuing with AT@T and their horrible new data rates. Decisions, decisions...

NIIICE!!!! So excited mine has finally been changed! Mine was also supposed to be November and I now get the same message! Off to sell my 3GS now!! :-D

Gotta love at&t they made me eligible and I wasn't supposed to be. Can't wait for the new iPhone. Verizon would never do that they would be like pay full retail or cancel haha.

I got a 3G in Jan of 2009. my upgrade eligibility has said June 20, 2010 for the longest time. Checked it today after my boyfriend read this post and I am showing I am eligible right now for an upgrade.
His last upgrade was May of 2009 to a RIM 9000 and his eligibility was showing Sept 2010. He checked today and is also showing eligible for an upgrade at this time.
We both work within an AT&T call center so tomorrow should be an interesting day at work!

just dialed the # and got the same text as all of you and it used to say 12/24/10, also just bought my husband a regular 3g 2 weeks ago and his said elligable on 1/11/12 and his hasnt changed

AT&T is so cool I called and they told me that I'll just have to pay 4 the phone only ahhhhhh..can't wait

For all u early adopters of the 3GS and can upgrade now, what do u guys actually get? The pricing as if you're a new customer? No extension of your existing contract? This means u guys get such a great deal!!!!

Mine just said, "We're sorry. Requested information is currently unavailable. Please try again later." Tried it twice.

just checked and got the same message as shown, im eligible for a upgrade with 2 year contract and an $18 upgrade fee

When I checked a few weeks ago, I wasn't eligible until November. I called AT&T, and a supervisor told me that I didn't pay enough per month on the base plan, so I didn't get an early upgrade. Checked today and now I'm eligible. I would appreciate having some consistency!

Couple of months ago it said 2/2011 then it change to 11/2010 and now I just check and it say I am ready now ... Woohoo!!!

Mine upgrade date was like 8/22 2010 today i checked this post and checked my upgrade eligibility and it said i can :), i was about to start love droid but Iphone got my love back :)

I hate att they changed one that we nought last decmeber to be eligible but mine that I bought last June is eligible in 02/11

Last week, mine said an iPhone upgrade was not available, but that I might qualify 11/16. They could offter me a discounted iPhone upgrade at a higher price with a 2-yr COMMITMENT and an $18 upgrade fee. [emphasis mine]
Now, it simply says exactly what is in the image above. Note it says "commitment" not a new contract. Probably can get the next iPhone for $199 or $299 + $18. Since I bought 2 hours after the GS was announced, that's actually quite good.
Now my wife gets a GS and I get an iPhone 4!

Yes! My status changed today... used to say eligible for upgrade in Nov 2010. It currently says I'm eligible right now.

if you go to buy the new iphone at the apple store how do they know if you are eligible or not doesnt that rest with at&t?

I still have a 3G (not 3GS). My 2 year contract is up 8/5/10. The text I got says: "...we can offer you an upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and waive the $18 upgrade fee"

Quite redundant now but i'll post anyhow.. i've got a 2 iphone plan with my wife, we got the 3g a few months before the 3gs came out, and our upgrade dates were mid/late July for primary line and Mid October for 2nd. I checked after reading this post and both upgrade dates have been stripped and it says we qualify for a upgrade with the $18 fee. Can't wait for my new G4 iphone! Especially since my line was the October upgrade date, and my wife wanted hers as soon as she could get it. Now we can both enjoy new gadgets!

A full discount on a standard handset or iPhone upgrade is not available at this time but you may qualify on 01/31/2011. We can offer you a discounted iPhone upgrade at a higher price with a 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee. Please visit a participating iPhone sales location for pricing on this offer.
I'm a bit slow so does this mean i can't get a cheaper iPhone?
Or would I get it for cheaper if I re-new my contract?

Why do you think AT&T wants to push the new iPhone so badly? I'm hoping they are letting everyone out of their contracts early to upgrade because this thing is going to be so much better than the 3gs that everyone will have to have it.

I upgraded to the 3GS somewhat around launch day and now it says 03/26/2011. :-/ How do you get it to lower your eligibility or whatever? Anyone? I want to upgrade mine to the new iPhone. Maybe it'll change in time too....? remains optimistic

I wonder how they do this too, upgraded to a 3GS last July and eligibility still at July 2011.
Send an email to ATT CS asking about the inconsistency and why I should bother staying with ATT to buy a $599/699 phone instead of 1) cancelling all together; or 2) pay the $175 ETF and buy new on contract at 199/299 and why I have to go through that hassle.

Yeah not sure what the criteria is. Got my 3GS in July 2009. Got the wife's in February 2010. Been AT&T customers for 15 years. My upgrade date hasn't moved. 4/10/2011.

Well I think the reason is to lock in two year contracts. Verizon might not be now but probable in the near future.

Bought 3gs on sept 9th. Originally said update was 9/2010 but now it's available for upgrade. Not bad considering I sold my 3gs for 500 bucks today. Guess I'm caving and buyin afterall.

I can say that I know for a fact it will be June 15th. A kittle birdy from Att told me so, so just thought I'd let everyone know in iternet world. iPhones ship to local Att stores tomorrow after WWDC then start the sellig on the 15. :-)

Been checking regularly since you guys brought this up a while ago and today I got the same note as others here ....
As a valued AT&T customer, this line qualifies for discounted equipment pricing when you sign a new 2-year commitment.
before this note I wasn't eligible until 6.20.11!
So is AT&T afraid that without the upgrade temptation I might skip yo Vzn or Sprint?!
In any case it's good, my iPhone ended up in a stream and inspire of some awesome attempts by a certain iPhone repair group still died, the the sooner the new phone is out - the better!

Real question is how did I buy the 3gs in sept 09 and now I'm eligible for a full discount. I won't complain.

I think your reading to much into it. They just changed there termination fees from $175 to $350 or somthing. So if you've been close to a year I know I would give you an upgrade to lock you in for guarentee 2 years. Cause currently your $175 termination fee is probably down to @$100 which is a HUGE difference from $350 to switch carriers.

Mine went from 1 October to eligible right now...looks like I'll be picking one up on release day and selling my 3gs....

I bought my iPhone 3G in December and it says I can upgrade to the new one when it comes out. I just have to pay the $18 fee (+the phone of course. I got a text from AT&T that was slightly different... it looks to me like anyone can upgrade early as long as it's for the iPhone (or maybe only existing iPhone owners can?)

My spouse is elegible. The last time I checked the upgrade was only on July 1st, 2010. He is not uprgading though )

Guys....something fishy is going on here. Me thinks that the iPhone will be offered on another carrier later on this year. Or early next year. So, A tee and tee is trying to lock as many people in to them. That also explains the doubling of the ETF.

Bought the 3GS 7:00 am release day last near and for the last month or so this story has been out, all I get is "You may select equipment at our full retail pricing. An upgrade may be available on 2/20/11"
I called them yesterday and the guy said "we never mess with that day, we have a 3 month grace period before a full 2 years, but that's it." This sucks, I am really hoping that this goes through and hits my acct before release day.

Kinda funny....I called asking about this on Friday afternoon and I was told unfortunately my upgrade date is 7/11/2010.....I saw this story today and now mysteriously I'm eligible to upgrade now!!! ATT is scared and wants to keep customers from defecting.....early upgrades + 325 ETF should do the trick nicely!

bought a 3G S on launch day and up until today it still says "You may select equipment at our full retail pricing. An upgrade may be available on 02/20/2011"

I don't know that this is really what it is saying. I got this same text message, but if I go online to my AT&T and actually walk through like I'm going to upgrade, the minimum iPhone 3Gs is still $199. I wouldn't get my hopes up here people...

It says my wife phone can upgrade but not mine and we got our phones on the same day..this sux...y is that? Y only one phone? If they don't fix it I'll wait until my contract is up and switch carriers. Jokes on them.

Ok so its $199 + $18. Not bad... as long as that price holds for the new model, and especially considering I just upgraded my phone a year ago. A buddy of mine got the same message and he just got his first iPhone last November. Might have something to do with how long a person has been on AT&T vs. how long they have had their iPhone?

Ok so can someone answer me this: I lost my 3GS which was bought around launch date at the subsidized price using my moms upgrade. I bought another one around Nov.-Dec. so will I be eligible or should I just get ready to shell out the cash?! 3/26/2011 :-/

Mine was 12/10/10 until now. I'm usually not an early adopter but this could change things.

Mine said 8/7/10 but it changed today!!! I'm so psyched cuz I can barely cope with my sluggish 3G anymore lol.

Thank you for sharing this. Because of this I hope that you will share my story. I posted all about this subject after I saw this and had to deal with AT&T. You can find my post HERE. Thanks so much for keeping us all updated with this information :)

Mine is still stuck at 2/21/11. I've been with AT&T for many yesterday and my current iPhone is my fourth fifth with them so I don't think that longevity has anything to do with. I'm on a corporate discounted plan so I don't pay as much as a lot of people but I got it on launch day so if others that got theirs much later than I are having their dates adjusted, I don't see why mine should be so far out. Maybe I'll hold off and see if Verizon gets it in a few months. AT&T may be losing another customer if they are going to play favorites.

Wow. I didn't think I would be able to upgrade after only one year, but mine also says I can upgrade. That's different than last year - because my bill is less than $100/mo, I had to pay an extra $200 more than the fully subsidized price. Since I'll jailbreak, unlock, and sell overseas via eBay, I'll actually make money on purchasing a new phone.
Talk about a no-brainer. Thanks, AT&T. I guess they'll make up for it with their awful data plans.

I bought my 3gs on launch date. I would check every
other day with the *639# and it would keep saying my upgrade wouldnt be until 11/20/2010. I decided to check today and sure enough. Look what I get... 
"As a valued customer, we can offer you an upgrade with a new 2-yr commitment and an $18 upgrade fee"

I can confirm the same thing. *639# sends me the same message about being ready now. Logging into OLAM shows me a P1232 error and gives me a number to call. I'm guessing that something is afoot.

@ SAUSAGE PARTY People seem to think this message applies to the 199,299 price points. IT DOESNT. You will be paying 399,499 for a 32,64gb unit. Its just an early upgrade like last year.

Heck yeah! I bought mine 9/19/09 and it says I am eligible but I also have 3 iPhones on my contract. The other two have been eligible a few months

I purchased my 3GS 11/2009 and I am already eligible for a full discount upgrade. I added a secondary blackberry bold 9700 line in 1/2010... I am assuming this is why I'm eligible... Seems too good to be true

Mine's still May 2011- bought my 3GS in September. Ah well, I doubt I would have upgraded anyway, my 3GS is still serving me quite well and I figure I'll wait for 2011's model.

Got my 3GS in Oct '09. Eligible for upgrade Sept '10. I'm on a Corp account through Target, don't know if that effects it. One thing I feel is possible that if they're not releasing the new phone early this year, it is possible they're changing dates to try to prevent computer issues that might come by doing it later.

Well I did the *639# and got this "We can offer you an early iPhone upgrade with a new 2 year commitment and $18 dollar upgrade fee at a participating iPhone sales location. Additional discounts will be available for all other handsets on 8/13/2010" So basically I cant get anything but an iPhone early LOOL works for me..

Oddly enough,
I knew mine was available for upgrade now. I did the *639# on wifes and it says 5/4/2011
however i went on the website today and checked her phone, even tho it says that same date i can still buy a 16 gb iphone for 199 or a 32 gb for 299, so it looks like i can get hers upgraded too.
anyone else see the same thing?

You guys are luck! I just got my iPhone the last week of Jan 2010, so needless to say I did not expect to be able to upgrade. *639# told me I qualify for the full discount on Oct 2, but I can get a discounted iPhone upgrade at a higher price with a 2-yr commitment + $18 upgrade fee.
I wonder how much the unlocked phones will be (since I travel often throughout Asia, and find myself switching SIM cards with several providers). I know I can do the jailbreak thing, but for some reason I just do not want to do that unless must. I'm curious to know the prices of the new iPhone.

Wow, I bought my 3GS in February 2010 and it says I'm eligible for a discounted upgrade. Probly because I have unlimited everything and my bill is $150+ per month...

I checked from the phone and on the website and mine says the same when I get the response via text that I am available to be upgraded now with a new 2 year contract and $18 fee. When you log on the site it says the same thing but under that it says for iPhone it may not be the same. Kind of confusing to me will check with att when the phone actually comes out.

That is real fair. Some people get an updrage early and some don't. I am not eligible and I have been with AT&T since 2001. I have to wait until 5/14/2011. At that point I might as well wait for the next generation or a new carrier. I have a 3GS that I purchased in September. What is the criteria for the upgrade? Does anyone know?

@Jay Jay there are a number of factors. Length of service, bill pay history, and the major one is monthly charges. Typically if you don't have at least $80 worth of charges monthly on THAT line alone, you are not eligible every 12 months and will not be rolled back. The reason for that is those who pay over 80$/month pay off their subsidy faster than someone who maybe has only 40$/month in charges.

I just got my G3S four month ago and wondering if there is any kind of upgrade for people like me? This is really sucks that I just bought it 4 month ago and the phone died twice on me, they have to replace new one for me TWICE..._ help, please~

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