AT&T iPhone MMS One Week Later -- Using It?

So, AT&T iPhone users, you've had MMS for a week now. The initial blush has hopefully faded, and it's either become something you use a lot, a little, or not at all.

So, which is it? Let us know in the poll, and if then drop a comment below and tell us how it compares to other MMS implementations you've used.

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AT&T iPhone MMS One Week Later -- Using It?


You sometimes just have the phone # and not email......still handy. Also, you don't want to send some pics to someones email...just sayin

Installed, tested, worked first time, all done.
I'll probably receive the usual Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas MMSs from one of my text junkie female friends... at least they'll show up now.

I'm not on AT&T and have had MMS for months but I don't actually use it. I haven't sent a single one.

I receive way more than I send, so I'm extremely relieved not to go to the atrocious "viewmymessage" site when I receive incoming sexts.

Still won't come through or send on mine. Of course ATT said it's not them call apple! If the iPhone wasn't so awesome now that I have it where I want it, I would get the pre or some other phone on another network. About had it with ATT.

My friends and I are sending each other gnarly pics, its pretty funny. But it was awesome to get an mms from the woman at a recent event. Makes for ez sharing. What about ppl on other networks?

I was out shopping last night, wasn't sure exactly what the girlfriend wanted, so I was able to take a pict to send it to her to make sure I was getting the right thing. She was out with a friend of hers and text back saying it wasn't what she expected, so I found something else and sent that. It's been nice to have, and would have caused a return of a large item last night had I not had it lol.

And to think... a week ago this board was filled with people who NEEDED this in order to survive!
Jeremy and Gregory Foster: Great examples on how to use MMS productively! :)

I'm happy to have mms on my jb iphone (happier to have tomtom but thats another post) I just wish ir sent pixs faster than what it currently does. With all the $$ att is making from iphone users u think they would at least give us the best network possible. I would love to see sprunt get the iphone and watch att crumble

MMS okay to have but nothing i have ever needed or wanted to use.
I have sent a grand total of 1 MMS in the last 4 years...

Can't use it as I have a first gen iphone. Cannot find a push MMS client for us (the first gen iphone owners)....any leads? (this would be a good column)

All the whining and the crying and then "meh" I don't need it?
What a bunch of entitleist jerks.

I tried updating, got it all updated, synced blah blah blah.. went to go send a MMS, didn't work.. the options aren't there. I disconnected, then reconnected and now it says my iTunes isn't checked to sync, and iTunes is unable to sync with Provider Update... whats the deal?

I use it all the time now. In the photography biz, it saves us a ton of money when scouting locations and we are able to text pics of locations to clients(not everyone leaves an email, MMS is faster and instant, no need to check email, etc). So yeah, life is good now. :D

The real point is not wheather u use it or not,it's the fact that the iPhone is this great phone that did not have one of the most basic features that other phones had but yah I do use my alot..

The teens can actually do their sexting on the iPhone now, like I saw on a Reader's Digest in the supermarket a while back. The cover had an iPhone with the headline 'Is your child sexting?', haha, it was hilarious back then.

I sent 1 mms to see it work. Done! I'll still be sending all my pics via email to my freinds. As most of my freinds, family and co-workers all have phones that can receive emails. If they don't have a phone that can get emails, they don't get my phone number... End of story.

Yes it is very useful for teasing/razzing your buddy, girlfriend, spouse etc..... Which we do slot of. It is also VERY useful for quick reference to things of high importance. I mean bamm!! It's on your phone in front of you face immediately. However, the email scenario comes in handy for items that are important but not time sensitive. Like family photos to put in the scrap book. These can be emailed and are accessible to the person intended anywhere they can access their email, home, work, or yes even mobile device. (Mms = casual ammusement, email = sustained enjoyment.) I'll take both anytime!!!

My iPhone won't send MMS with WiFi on it's pretty lame but when wifi is off I can send MMS perfectly I don't understand why as a matter a fact that's kind of effing stupid does anyone know a fix or anything?

I use it daily, as I work for a Walmart and my wife likes to shop via MMS. There is that perk of receiving the occasional nudity tease from one's spouse. Good thing I've got an unlimited plan, a management position and a hot wife to go with it.

Only once because I only just got it Friday. So only had it 2 days not a whole week. I thought you'd have an option like that for the slowpoke areas of the country. (Portland ME for me)