AT&T launches LTE roaming partnership with Rogers Wireless

AT&T launches LTE roaming partnership with Rogers Wireless

AT&T has launched LTE roaming in Canada in partnership with Rogers Wireless, beginning today. Rogers Wireless is Canada's largest cellular carrier, and they claim that their LTE network covers 70% of Canadians. This agreement makes AT&T the first U.S. carrier to offer LTE roaming. AT&T says that this partnership with Rogers demonstrates the company's committment to excellent service for their customers, wherever they are, according to the announcement:

“Our agreement with Rogers affirms our commitment to deliver superior international coverage to our customers,” said Bill Hague, executive vice president, International, Alliances and Integrations, AT&T Mobility. “AT&T customers already have access to the nation’s fastest, most reliable 4G LTE network while in the United States and now they can enjoy LTE speeds while roaming in Canada.”

Whether or not you'll be able to make full use of that LTE data is another matter entirely. AT&T offers three international roaming packages, a 120MB plan for $30 per month, 300MB for $60 per month, and 800MB for $120 per month. The $60 and $120 plans also come with 1GB of tethering.

If you're an AT&T customer, are you glad that you'll be able to roam on LTE now while in Canada? Let us know in the comments.

Source: AT&T

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luqman24 says:

Lmao 300MB for $60 and on LTE? I probably use that much with 30min on 4G let alone LTE. And I thought the big 3 here were a complete rip off.

Becjr says:

To see AT&T stepping up to work with our neighbors to the north... Yeah. That makes me happy. As an AT&T customer I feel that we are still a looong way away from an amicable data plan implementation despite this first step. Considering I live on the Georgia-Florida border, I don't see me ever making use of this "service", but like I said, I'm happy to see this.

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Solamar says:

wow.. just forward your number and buy a Straight Talk sim or NET10 Sim and go.. sheesh... or do a T-mo prepaid sim and get tethering for 1 month.. They just started including tethering with prepaid. way more value. craaaazy

DBellinger says:

Yeah. This is good news. There have been tons of reports that Verizon is trying to set up shop in CA but as an AT&T customer it's good to know I'll have my data speeds no matter where I am.

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trmoney24 says:

Verizon already has a roaming plan at $25 for 100mb. Not sure if that includes LTE...

Park says:

At those prices? Hell no!

abaggy says:

Ouch! Much better (and cheaper) to hunt down a Canadian pay as you go SIM.

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TiredOfPhoneWar says:

On pay as you go rogers 10 mb for 1$, for ipad 5gb 40$

asuperstarr says:

Glad to see this partnership with Rogers. This is always good.

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ggore says:

Absolute total ripoff, buy a SIM when you go to Canada or anywhere else, it's the only way to get useful data when traveling.