AT&T intros more flexible day pass and three-month tablet data plans

AT&T pushes cellular data on tablets, introduces more flexible day pass and three-month plans

AT&T has introduced two new data plans for tablets, a lower-cost day pass and a three-month plan. The day pass costs $5 and gives you 250MB of data for 24 hours, while the three-month plan, aimed at infrequent users of cellular data, will cost $25 and give you 1GB for three months. AT&T says that it's all about getting customers interested in buying cellular-equipped tablets, according to Ina Fried at All Things D:

“We really think that a Wi-Fi only tablet is good, but it is not good enough,” said AT&T senior VP Chris Penrose, speaking at the event. The cost of adding a cellular module to tablets is also going down, Penrose said.

Customers have so far preferred Wi-Fi-only tablets to the cellular models, likely due to cost. The cellular versions of all of Apple's iPads cost an extra $130 over their Wi-Fi-only counterparts. AT&T hopes that cellular radios will just be standard in all tablets soon, instead of having separate Wi-Fi and cellular versions.

It's not hard to see why AT&T is pushing for cellular tablets. AT&T is undoubtedly hoping that many people will eventually add tablets to their mobile share plans, which include a monthly device fee. But even if customers buy a Wi-Fi-only iPad, they may want to tether it to their phone when on the go, which in turn could get them to buy more data for their plan, a win-win for AT&T.

Will you try out one of these plans? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: All Things D

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AT&T intros more flexible day pass and three-month tablet data plans


The [orange] mothership beckons... Prepare for sacrificial walleting.

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Holy crap! Not a chance in hell!!! I'd do a 3G prepaid byod plan for a tablet before I'd let the big 3 get my $$$. Att already gets too much of it now!!!

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