AT&T Q3 2010 financial results - 5.2 million iPhone activations

AT&T released some pretty impressive numbers today with 5.2 million iPhone activations in Q3 2010. The iPhone obviously contributes a significant portion of AT&T's smartphone sales, or what they are referring to as "integrated devices". AT&T also claims that over 80% of postpaid activations (contract lines) were integrated devices. Around 8 million integrated devices were sold in total. Since the iPhone can only be sold with a contract, it's safe to assume those 5.2 million iPhones were a portion of that 8 million. That means that around 65% of AT&T's smartphone activations were iPhones. That's tremendous. It also tops AT&T's previous record for iPhones activated in a quarter, which was 3.2 million.

AT&T relies heavily on iPhone sales to boost their margins and bottom line when it comes to smartphone sales and data plan sales. If another carrier in the US should start carrying the iPhone, that could hit AT&T where it hurts. A lot of people that are tied into family plans and business accounts (which is a good majority), are probably less likely to migrate due to the cost of ETFs and migrating. Users that are out of contract or on single line plans may be more prone to jump ship. I'm personally one who thinks not as many people will leave when they realize how much it'll cost them. AT&T's got them for a year or two. What do you guys think?

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AT&T Q3 2010 financial results - 5.2 million iPhone activations


In areas where people get bad service they will leave if they just had to have the iPhone and then complain about also choosing a bad service in their area. I don't know anyone waiting to leave AT&T, I know a handful waiting for it to come to Verizon. Big quarter for AT&T, I wonder how many were 3G upgraders like myself. I know a good number of people who just got their first iPhone as well, they were really into FaceTime when I showed it off.

You have to pay one of the beasts might was well pay ATT&T unless you have bad service. I was with Verizon and finally got tired of saying its almost as good as the iphone and finally got one.

Yea, a year or two and then they'll jump. AT&T has that long to make their networks that much better that Verizon's.

Verizon's smear campaign on At@t marked the beginning of some pretty dirty corporate practices in this "age of the blog".
Look for more of that from companies worldwide.
Meanwhile, I love At@t!! If you don't...switch...and stop talking about it.

If Verizon had the iPhone I would unlock that for Sprint and then I would be set for life!
I've had every company (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon & Sprint) and Sprint seems to be the best for me, money and signal wise.

I'm not leaving AT&T with unlimited data and 5mb download. It's just too good. Ive had all of the iPhones, and never had a problem with the phone or the service.

What time period does Q3 actually cover for AT&T? It sort of sounds like this is the quarter that gained the bulk of the iPhone 4 rollout.
How many of these were upgrades from older 3G and 3Gs users?
Clearly it can't be all upgrades, but since growth was only "2.6 million increase in total wireless subscribers", an 8 million smartphones sold, a significant amount of upgrading must be going on.
With 5.2 million iPhones turned on, but only 2.6 million new subscribers, almost half of iphone sales could have been to 3G/3Gs upgraders.
Only ("only" he says) 30% increase in IP Data revenue occurred.
Those upgrading from 3G models would not account for this, as they had data plans previously, and may be paying LESS now.
This suggests the feature phone phase-out is the bulk of 30.0 percent growth in consumer IP data revenues. This kind of growth, in spite of the new data capped cheaper plans, suggests that a lot of feature phone users are still in the process of moving to smartphones.
Also 8 million postpaid "integrated device sales" of which the lion share are the 5.2 million iPhones suggests that Blackberry and the few android models At&T offers combined account for the 2.8 million remainder. (Can't see palm, symbian, and WinMo accounting for much).

I got to keep my unlimited data plan and I'm not leaving it. My problem has been the iPhone itself. I'm still having problems with the proximity sensor. While I'm talking I can see the screen lighting up and going dark. I'm still having cheek hangups and FaceTime mid call. :0(

I feel this apple is over. At&t is over. I have had sprint, nextel, at&t, cingular and tmobile. In harrisburg tmobile seems to be the best no dropped calls 3g before at&t and about 20 to 40 a mounth cheaper. Plus get flawless navigation from google for free. Goodbye apple thank you for the iphone but just like the mac your are finished. Android will win just like microsoft won good job repeating history apple. Good job