AT&T Store Plots Against iPhone 3G With Help From

I thought AT&T and the iPhone were living happily ever after? I mean what with Apple making some concessions with the activation process and data plans plus selling a gazillion iPhone 3Gs (more like a million), AT&T should be happy right? Nope!

An AT&T Kiosk at the Moorestown Mall in New Jersey has decidedly gone anti-iPhone 3G. When a customer approached asking about iPhone insurance she was answered with evil laughter and was told by the employees to get a...hide the women and children...Blackberry! (gasp). I guess not AT&T stores don't show a united front. To make matters worse, they gave her anti-iPhone 3G pamphlets using articles from Pocket PC Magazine and

You may or may not know, but is like family to us at TiPb. It's a little more than heartbreaking to see their articles being used against our. most. beautiful. and. fastest. gadget. ever. But hey, family squabbles happen, we get that, but it won't stop us from fighting back!

Read on to see how we'll defend our honor!


We here at TiPb would like to take it to the next level and escalate this "fight" by giving future carrier stores who will carry the Bold (when's that coming out anyways) a one stop shop for possible material in their anti-Blackberry Bold pamphlets. All in good fun, right?

10 Reasons to Ditch Your Blackberry for the iPhone

Why the iPhone is Incomparable

Why the Blackberry compares worse than EVER to the iPhone 3G

So Carrier Stores across the world, feel free to use these articles when customers ask about the iPhone 3G and Blackberry Bold, but don't forget to credit us! One more thing, we ask you to please not mock customers, that's just bad business. Thanks!

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Reader comments

AT&T Store Plots Against iPhone 3G With Help From


That AT&T employee is SO fired! If not then perhaps AT&T IS secretly plotting against Apple and their iphone with RIM.
Apple, I know your plotting against RIM but I hope your also plotting against AT&T. AT&T is standing in your TAKE THEM OUT!

you know what guys... here's my problem with all this battling back and forth.
I myself and all of my friends who are iPhone owners are all the same way. You will never ever EVER hear me ONCE talk bad about another device, UNLESS I am provoked.
Have some CLASS poeple.
you know... i've got my iPhone and i'm HAPPY with it. I'm not walking around with a CHIP on my shoulder that another phone is better then mine, I don't need to OBVIOUSLY.
What is it with you blackberry people?? WHAT'S WITH YOU?
They constantly have a Chip on their shoulder and WE iPhone owners are Constantly having to fend them off.
and another thing, not even crackberry's but other devices as well are stepping into the game, has anyone seen that commercial for the samsung i900?? in the commercial it says "the iPhone killer"
How about designing a device that actually is better, instead of that crappy 15 yr old marketing.
I'm serious when i say this, you blackberry people are really annoying, grow up already.
If your device is so great, then be happy with it, Shut up and go sit in your corner.
I hope those ATT employees are fired.
i'm going to do some research and try to find out who they are. a complaint needs to be issued!

I had an AT&T employee tell me just yesterday that my Blackberry Curve is a far better device than the iPhone - was a tad shocked to hear it from him - my first thought was, "Yeah, tell that to my son" (an avid iPhone user and fan - justifiably so!). :)
I like my Bberry - I also like my son's iPhone.

If an At&t employee ever says anything of this effect to you, ask them why the Berry is better. I bet half of them will stumble.
For the half that answers you... Listen to what they say, and when they are done, spit which of the handful of things they mentioned mean nothing to you, and then ask them about how the Berry compares as a development platform to the iPhone.
They honestly won't know what to say, and will probably result to saying somethings along the line of "it's just better," therefore proving they are pushing you towards something based off of personal feelings, not truth.
Fact is, both devices are great in their own rights. Berrys do some things better, iPhones do some better, but the ultimate answer to which is better will ALWAYS be determined by the user, and the reps would do well to learn that.
As a sales professional, it offends me that the people who work in At&t (all cellphone companies honestly) retail stores are titled "Sales Representatives." (Yeah, broad statement... There are a few good ones, but the bad far outweigh them. I apologize if any of the good ones happen to read this.)

Mmmmkay Tom, considering an iPhone has to be jail broken to load anything decent on it. While, Blackberries will accept almost anything right out of the box. Hows that for development?

You are aware that firmware 2.0 is out and it allows for native app development aren't you?
Have you seen the quality of some of the stuff available from the better development houses? Do you realize much of it is free?
Or do you understand that I was a BlackBerry user for over 2 years, and that I have first hand experience with native BlackBerry apps, native iPhone apps, AND jailbroken iPhone apps?
Do you even understand what I mean by development platform? Do you realize that I am referring to the power of the device to bring high quality apps to the table?
There is no bias in the following statement, it is plain and simple fact. The iPhone far, far more powerful as a development platform than a BlackBerry. Why? Simply because the core BlackBerry OS has remained unchanged for roughly 5 years. They have simply added more and more on to the same base, and the base is over the hill. This makes it incredibly difficult for modern developers to create quality modern apps for BlackBerrys.
The iPhone is the polar opposite of this. Development houses that make software for BlackBerrys are now doing so for the iPhone as well, and for many of them, their 1.0 iPhone versions are already leaps and bounds ahead of their years old BlackBerry version. The proof is in the pudding my friend.
Just to reiterate... My statements are made from first hand experience with both devices, and are reflective of no blind bias.

The only point I was trying to make is that Apple tries to regulate everything far too much. Carriers, development of apps , iTunes. Everything has to be their way or no way. I won't disagree with you that the Blackberry underlying OS is old as balls. I'm not a fan boy I really couldn't careless what phone someone is hauling around.

This article is a little misleading. Not all At and t's carry the iPhone. Only corporate At and t's carry the iPhone. Kiosks at malls are not corporate At and T's but they do carry alot of Blackberries. So it makes perfect sense that they push you to Blackberries so they can make a sale.

I was going to reply with what WifiGuy said. I am willing to bet that the kiosk is an "authorized agent" and authorized agents are not allowed to sell iPhones. Like today when I went into Costco (there is an AT&T authorized agent in there) and he started bad mouthing the iPhone in hopes I would buy a Blackberry from him (any smartphone with a data phone = Crazy Commission... so I can't blame him).

I experienced the same thing on release day. I got to one of our local at&t stores about an hour after opening and there was a line of about 30 people still outside. So I figured cool, still have some in stock. Well, after standing in line for about 45 minutes, an at&t rep got to me trying to pedal the new blackberry. I simply told her no thanks, I'm getting the iphone. Then she started to spout about how I'll regret going with the iphone and the blackberry is the only way to go. I politely told her I wasn't interested and she moved onto the next person. If that wasn't bad enough, when I finally got into the store, it turned out they sold out 1/2 hour after opening (a half hour before I got there) and were perposfully keeping the people in the line in the dark about it. Now I know why they were making everyone exit the building on the side entrance. It was so the customers coming out, wouldn't run into the customers standing in line. In fact, the CSR's in the store also failed to mention they were taking back orders for the iPhone (I didn't learn about that until later in the day) It took all the self control I had to contain my rage. No one in that store will EVER make any commission off of me.
On the way out, I made sure everyone in line knew they were sold out.
I ended up visiting another store later that afternoon on the way home and ordered my iphone which I picked up yesterday.

this is @Blackberry-
You do realize this is a Business right? and one that Steve Jobs happens to do VERY well in. There will always be people who do not agree with or may not be happy with 100% of what he/apple does, but the point is it's a business that he is running very well. To speak on that, yes apple wants for things to be their way, this has always been the case. Personally i like that. Some others may not but i love it. I know that things will be more standardized then most.
Consider this with the iPhone.
Steve is setting himself up for the next 5-6 years alone up for this current iPhone technology.
Why do you think we don't have a video camera? or how we did not have GPS at first release?
It's because if he THREW everything at the first iPhone at release we would not have anything new or exciting for the next one. It's smart business. I have no complaints about giving him my money either because the device has changed my Mobile Life.
The one thing that is most amazing compared to other devices about the iPhone is the software platform. Yeah you can make complaints all you want about itunes and how they are forcing us to use it. I think it's brilliant. Keep it all in one solutions. I can get my Music, Movies, Podcasts, SOFTWARE, Sync data... Restore, Backup... heck do EVERYTHING from itunes..
The software platform differs from any other because of the ease of change.
Look at copy at paste? All they need to do is Finish that code, finalize it and push it out to us. and us the simply user will simply receive it via itunes. DONE.
Just the other day i was watching my buddy reinstall all of his applications on his blackberry. The process is redick!
Me? i was riding the train home yesterday and saw a new application i liked, I clicked on it, downloaded it and then used it. Nothing compares.
For steve jobs, you are always going to be hated by a select few when you try to make things stick close to your vision. You have to respect that, that he doesn't let others sway him away from what he wants.
I would do the same.

@Thomas - dude that's a horrible story... which ATT store was this?? that's insane... god some people can be so ignorant you know?
I gotta say Hats off to us iPhone owners for not making total a$$es out of ourselves. I know that blackberry fanboy's have done it to themselves.

Put it in context.
The AT&T stores were all sold out of iPhones by Friday evening (day of release).
They've got no iPhones in stock and they know you're probably heading off to the Apple store to buy one there -- unless they can convince you to stay and buy what they've got in stock, which is a blackberry.
They're just trying to make a sale. Most likely, if they had any iPhones to sell, they wouldn't have been so dismissive.

Can I just tell them that I am the consumer and I'll buy whatever the heck suits me? I research things before I buy (thank you TiPb), so I'm not really looking for an opinion from some frigtard at the counter.

Actually, This isn't uncommon, at least where I live. Every store I've gone in has tried to dissuade me when I expressed interest in the iPhone. I don't know what the deal is but it has happened to me in 4 different stores and they all recommended a Curve. In the end I didn't get an iPhone, not because I don't like the phone or Macs (Mac is the only computer I own - two iMacs and my trusty PowerBook) but because they are exclusive to AT&T. In my area at least, AT&T has terribly spotty service and they're rates don't compare well to other carriers' so I'll with my non-Apple phone until they become available to other carriers.

That discussion can go on for a while. I'm sure there's a Blackberry blog somewhere doing the same ! Fact is the iphone has a much better UI and is consumer oriented. As iphone 1G user, the new iphone 3G looks quite similar and I'm not convinced it's worth the money (CPU, apps) just a new tool App Store which I got with the 2.0 upgrade. I'm missing a keyboard to type faster despite the word corrector on the iphone which makes a lot of misinterpretations, and I'm missing office tools ! A primitive notepad does not cut it.
So in summary,
iphone: excellent UI, video, music, internet surfing
no office tools, medium email app
blackberry: fast network, excellent email, Documents toGo
primitive OS, sad UI, primitive internet browser
Next blackberries will partially remedy defects
How about AT&T working on extending their 3G nationwide coverage instead of their sales people pushing their opinions on consumers ? Given the low availability of iphone 3Gs, I might just wait to see how blackberries bold and thunder (touchscreen) turn out.

It's so funny how so many people are using the "no insurance on the iPhone 3G" as a point to sell against.
There are places ( to get it insured for just as cheap or cheaper than other smart phones.
I hate it when wireless sales rep's give us all a bad name with their lame sales tactics!

As an authorized retailer of AT&T, I do not sell the iPhone, and frankly, I don't care. The iPhone has created so much buzz and foot traffic into my store I have doubled my sales. Sure I tell people to buy the Blackberry over the Iphone all day. My first question, "Have you ever dropped your phone before?" Yes. "Have you ever dropped anything made out of glass?" Yes. Do you have $250 to spend every time that happens? No. I could go on for days about the lack of video camera, the inability to send MMS, the inability to Bluetooth tether, the childlike UI, the fact that 3G won't be in our area for another 6 months, the "A-GPS". The iPhone was Apple's first attempt at a phone, and hey, they tried. All the people complaining about sales reps making huge commissions are ridiculous. The guy down at a COR store is making a percentage off of ever $30 package(which is required for two years even if you break, lose, get rid of the phone). Think about this. Your paying $200, $300 an iPhone. Then you pay $30 a month for 2 years = $760. Now $200 plus your $760 is $960. The same price I paid for my Macbook. I can understand why iPhone owners get so defensive about their $1000 Mp3 players.

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